I have a blog post that I am currently composing in my head. Hopefully soon, it will be written and posted here. Until then, here’s something that made me laugh.

Have a great weekend!


Flooding Update

Right now, the water has receded enough that we ARE able to get in and out. More rain is expected though, so heaven only knows what will happen next!  Our neighbors have set up a GoFundMe account to try to raise money to repair these roads that, we now know are affecting at least twenty families!

Please help if you can – even a small amount makes a difference!

ETA the CORRECT GoFundMe Link =)

is this thing on???

Well hello there! I’ve been debating lately whether to continue this blog, start another one, or quit entirely. Right now, I’m here! So…we’ll see.
– We now have 13 chickens and plan on getting 2-4 more. At least five of them are laying, which is just the coolest thing! We get at least two or three eggs per day right now.
– We lost our sweet MamaKitty back in May. It was super sad, but she lived a very long, happy life.
– We’ve been doing a lot of hunting for shark’s teeth lately, which is fun yet relaxing. We enjoy it.
– Yesterday we celebrated my great-niece Alexis’s second birthday.  This is the littlest one – her older sister Hayleigh is three!  Time is really flying.  Alexis loves Lilo & Stitch, so she had a Hawaiian Luau themed party and it was SOOOO cute.


Hayleigh, Elayna, Me, Alexis, and Tim. Oh yeah, I chopped my hair off.


Me + Elayna {Heather set up a photo booth – it was SO cute!}


Me, Alexis, & Elayna


Me & Byron

– This old lady is sleepy and heading for bed!  Maybe I’ll try to start posting again regularly….hmmm…we’ll see!