I Wanna Talk About Me!

It’s not your typical blog,
because it’s not your ordinary life.

About the name –

Our last name is Bush.
We live way out in the woods, several miles down a dirt road.
Hence the name – Back in the Bush!

Connect with me here also:


In a nutshell: 
I am a Mama of  Three plus a Bonus Son,
a newlywed for the THIRD time,
a Nurse Tech who works night shift,
and a sarcastic Southern blogger,
who is ROCKING 40!

My niece made this collage.
I call it “The many faces of crazy.”

For the long version: 

Come on back to the Bush!
Shove the laundry over (it’s clean….I think),
and have a seat.


I live way out in the middle of the woods,
with a creek running through my yard.
It’s something I’ve dreamed of for a long, long time,
and it makes me happy.

I just got married – for the THIRD time.
Call me crazy!  Or a hopeless romantic.  Or hard headed.

Or just head-over-heels in LOVE!

It took me THREE times to get my DREAM
beach wedding.  It was PERFECT!
{Vilano Beach, March 2013}

Photo by Hubby.

I LOVE sweet tea, chocolate, pickles,
the color purple and crappy reality TV.

We live in FLORIDA.  We LOVE the Gators.
I love the SUMMER. I LOVE the beach.  We LOVE the outdoors.
I LOVE to cook.  I love to READ.
He loves to HUNT.  I love to COOK what he KILLS,
mostly deer and wild hog.

I help him skin and butcher too.
I’m cool like that.

 I’m a Nurse Tech at a hospital.

I work nights.
I really love my job.
Health care is my calling.

We have three dogs:
Patchy, an American Bulldog
Mackenzie, a cracked-out Chiweenie
and the baby, Bo, a pit bull puppy.
One cat, Mama Kitty, who totally rules this roost.
One rabbit, Coco, who belongs to Elayna.
And a chinchilla, Wiz, who belongs to Tim.

Shelbie & Bo
Elayna & Bo
Patchy & Mama Kitty
Byron & MamaKitty


Family Members:

Cyndy: that’s me.
Tim: my oldest, 20 yrs old
Shelbie: my oldest girl, 17 yrs old
Elayna: my youngest, 12 yrs old

Byron: my love

Tyler: Byron’s son, also 17 yrs old


Tim, my oldest

Me and my baby girl Elayna
Me and my beautiful teenager, Shelbie, before her Junior  Prom
Me and my boys: from left, Tyler, Me, Byron, and Tim
My Niece Heather and her daughter,

my first great-niece, Hayleigh.

This is me with my second great-niece, Alexis.


Sweet little sisters!

Such pure sweetness.

Such pure sweetness.

So make yourself at home back here in the bush!


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