Back in the Bush

You may wonder why I named my blog “Back in the Bush”…….

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to live in the middle of at least  five acres, surrounded by woods, no close neighbors, with a creek running through the property.


Sitting by the creek.

In 2012, I reconnected with a man I’ve known since middle school. He had just purchased my dream property.  It’s all of those things I always wanted – except the creek crosses over our property in TWO different places!  It’s more than I ever dreamed of.   Long story short, we fell in love, got married, and now live out here in our little piece of paradise.
I feel so blessed to share this beautiful home with the love of my life.


One of my favorite pictures I’ve taken here; I printed and framed this one.


We live about three miles down a dirt road.  It takes ten minutes to get from our home to the highway.  The property is very wooded and swampy, and our five acres is surrounded by woods.   It’s full of vegetation and wildlife: deer, wild boars, turkeys, rabbits, etc…..

We also have three dogs, three house cats, several strays we feed, and in 2015 we got six baby chicks who are growing quickly.  We hope they’ll soon produce nice fresh eggs!


One of the creeks.

I have planted many of my favorite flowers and plants.  I have started building a rock garden.  I have a firepit with fairy lights hanging in the trees and pretty little decorations….I just love it.


My rock garden…a work in progress.

So, we live out in the woods, and our last name is Bush…thus the name, Back in the Bush.


This garden flag was my kids’ Father’s Day gift to their stepdad.

I hope you enjoy your little “visits” Back in the Bush!


One thought on “Back in the Bush

  1. Hi Cyndy! Glad to meet you here in the blogosphere. First of all, thank you for linking up in my Beautiful Sunday series. I always appreciate new faces, new bloggers and friends.

    I always enjoy quiet family times too. Home in the company of great food and family is always priceless. I read the reason behind the name of your blog. 🙂 Great one and you are so lucky to live in the paradise of the Bush. Have a great week!


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