What’s New With You?

Hi there, strangers! What’s new in your world?

*i can’t get my pics to go where I want them, so they’re just inserted randomly – sorry! Haha*

My photographer friend Christy took our family photos here at our home in January.  I’ll post more of them in a later post.

image image imageimageimageByron and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary this past Sunday.  Time flies!  We went deep-sea fishing on the Gulf of Mexico  image

with four friends on one of our friends’ boat.  We went 22 miles out off of Horseshoe Beach.imageimageIt was beautiful!  They were fishing for sheepshead, a super creepy looking fish.  They caught seven of them and several grunts.  I mostly soaked up the sun and scenery; it was so relaxing out there! We had a great time.



The weather has been lovely here for the past week. We’ve enjoyed a picnic at the park with my nieces, and a walk to the creek with water-loving Bo.

Last month we purchased six baby hens.  They grow amazingly quickly and we’ve already moved them outside to the chicken coop.  They are so cute and I can’t wait till they start laying!

Shelbie has a new job at the after school program at the elementary school that all of my kids attended and her baby sister also currently attends (her dads youngest daughter).  She loves it! And she’s doing well in college.  Tim was recently in his friends wedding and just got his second motorcycle.  Yay.

Elayna is winding down her last year of middle school, which totally freaks me out.  Lately people are saying she looks a lot like me, which I LOVE!!!

Knock on wood, life is peaceful and I’m working on keeping it that way!


4 thoughts on “What’s New With You?

  1. Hey, Girlfriend! Glad to see you. These days it seems your AWOL as much as I am around the Blogosphere. :-/

    I can’t believe how grown up Elayna looks!! I love the family portrait, all in camo!



  2. Sounds like a fun time on the boat. Love all the photos and I can’t believe it has been two years already.
    Happy Anniversary!


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