A Little Bragging (OK, maybe a lotta bragging)

Time for some Mama bragging!
My youngest daughter, Elayna, is in the 8th Grade and will be 14 this month.  On Wednesday night, she was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society!  We were super proud of her.  My family tends to turn out for things like this.  There were only about 12 kids total who were inducted, and the ceremony was held in the school library.  They set up 5 or 6 rows of seven chairs.  Elayna’s group filled one full row, and three seats in another row!   And my sister and her family are often at these events as well, but they didn’t make it to this one.  My parents did make the long drive in order to support their youngest grandchild.

So – obviously, I’m proud of Elayna for earning this honor.  I’m also proud that not only my 19 year old daughter Shelbie but also her boyfriend, Dusty, attended the ceremony.  Dusty was clearly exhausted, after working all day, but still came to spend time with Shelbie and watch the induction.  And last but not least – Mama brag on my son, Tim.  I texted him that morning to let him know about the event, and sure enough, he came.  He almost always attends his sisters’ school concerts, awards ceremonies, etc. and I am so proud of that.  He’s 21 years old and lives on his own (with his cousin as a roommate), so it’s not like he’s just piling in the car with the rest of us; he’s making a special effort for his sister.  This makes my Mama heart smile!  He is not an overtly loving brother;   they pick at each other like any other brother and sister, and Tim is a “strong, quiet type”.  But by coming out and supporting Elayna, he’s showing how much he cares about her.
I am also proud of Tim’s wicked sense of humor.  He and I tend to find the same things amusing.  At one point during the induction ceremony, the teacher lit a candle and then the students went around and lit one anothers’ candles.  Tim leaned over to me and said, “Hey Mom….if they start passing around Kool-Aid…DON’T DRINK IT.”  Love that kid!


I’m all about family.  There’s just nothing else more important in my life.  And I am bragging about the fact that I have obviously taught that lesson to my children very well.  My kids have an abundance of people who love them.  I hope they always know and remember that.

Wanna brag?  Feel free to fill my comments with your own Mama brags!


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