Finally Friday Fragments!

I just realized it’s Friday (holidays have my days all mixed up) and I can do a Friday Fragments post!  YAY!  I’ve missed this.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

~ Byron is still hunting and has killed several deer and hogs this year.  He and a friend made wild hog sausage and OMGoodness, it was the best sausage I  have ever had!

~ What are gas prices in your area?  In my town the lowest I’ve found so far is $2.32/gallon.  Which is great!  It costs about $60 to fill our tank now instead of $80+, and if I just put $20 in the needle actually moves – a LOT!   I’m loving it.  A sweet old man was chatting with me at the gas tank today and said his relative in Ohio is paying $1.95 per gallon.  If it goes below $2 here I will throw a party!

~ I’m trying to adjust to using a tablet.  This one has a full, and decent-sized, keyboard, which helps me a lot.  But remembering that I can, and often SHOULD, touch the screen helps even more.  This newfangled technology is tricky for us old folks!

~ Before Christmas, the girls and I went over to my parents’ house, and my niece brought her girls over.  We all made and decorated Christmas cookies.  It was fun!


~ How cute are these girls???


~ Elayna had a Christmas Concert at the high school.  She loves band and is doing very well.

elayna ~ Dusty is right on track to be totally done with cancer treatment in the Spring.  I am so happy for him!  Shelbie takes good care of him, and he spoils her.

shelbiedusty ~ My son Tim is almost 22 but still loves to get down on the floor and play with his baby cousins.  Sidenote: His hair is currently longer than Shelbie’s.

tim ~ Me and Byron, Christmas Eve.  Sidenote: I have tried every editing program and I can’t get rid of my red devil eyes!  And aside from that, I really like the picture!


OK – that’s all that’s floating around my head. TGIF! Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Finally Friday Fragments!

  1. Happy New Year! Gas in our area is about 95 cents a litre which translates into about $3 a gallon. Most of our price includes taxes which the government collects for road repair.


    • So many good fragments. Those girls are super cute. What a help to the budget to have deer and hogs in the freezer!
      As for the red eye, I just paint black over it with photoshop. If it’s on a print, permanent marker works well. 🙂


  2. My wife who I think gets a little obsessed with gas prices (you would think it was contest) did buy gas for under $2.00 – a few years ago I could not imagine that. Tablets are fine for browsing and small amounts of typing but if I’m going to post on the blog, it is always the laptop. Sometimes red-eye removal works and sometimes it just doesn’t. Your son doesn’t look over 20.


  3. Our gas is hovering around 2.60. I love saving the $20 a week, I do a lot of driving. Our Governor, however passed a stupid tax that will raise gas prices in Pa. by 10 cents any day now. I’m hoping it goes down to accommodate that.
    The girls are all just adorable and yay for the end of cancer treatment.
    Happy New Year!


  4. Gas here just hit $1.99. It is just sooooo good. So exciting.
    I can’t stand it when I have the glowing eyes thing on my pictures either. It is so hard to get rid of. Sometimes it works if you go on Picmonkey. The red eye thing won’t work for it but I have used the eyeliner function and sometimes that has worked.
    And yes, those girls are SO cute. 🙂


  5. Oh my gosh, those little girls are too too cute! Our gas it around $1.73! Yes! It’s been under $2 for a month or more. CRAZY. I’m sure yours will get there. The only way I know how to remove the light in eyes is (possibly) Picasa (free editing and storage-redeye button) or Photoshop. Flash does funky things sometimes, but it is a WONDERFUL photo. Ya’ll look happy and relaxed. A very good Christmas is what I see. Happy New Year!


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