Agradecida !

Happy Saturday!  Here’s what I am thankful for: 

Uno: On Thursday night when my dog Bo ate one of the kittens’ collars, he later threw it all up.  It had a metal buckle and other metal pieces, and until he upchucked it I had NO idea he’d eaten it.  Sigh.  


: A nice day out running errands on Friday.  I was all alone.  I did some shopping (for boring stuff, mostly, like soap and dog food) and a little thrifting.  I took my time and rather enjoyed myself.

Tres: I got out of Target spending only $25!  I think that qualifies me for some kind of award or gold star or SOMETHING.

Cuatro: My husband removed a tick from my hiney.  That’s true love right there, y’all!

Cinco:  Bacon cooked in the oven.  I read about it a while back on Pinterest, and that was a life-changing lesson right there.  I love bacon; I hate frying it.  I always got grease burns!  In case you haven’t heard this awesome tip, all you do is line a baking pan with foil, put your bacon on the pan, place it in a COLD oven, then turn the oven on to 400 for chewy bacon, 425 for crispy bacon.  When your oven indicates that it has reached it’s temp, your bacon is DONE!  Tastes exactly like fried bacon.  Then you just toss the foil!  No clean-up!

Seis: 3-2-1 Mug Cakes.  They are the perfect size.  Incredibly easy.  Cake anytime you want it?  Yes please.  As above, practically zero clean up.  You gotta love the internet; I have learned so many awesome things!

Siete: Waking up and realizing my nightmare was NOT true.  I don’t even want to post details about it; I told Byron I had a really sad dream but haven’t even told him what it was about.  Suffice it to say it was terribly sad, and I am so very glad it was only a bad dream.  Sometimes I wish I could turn off my dreams!  I’ve had a lot of weird ones lately,  but this was by far the worst.

Ocho: My spot, and the time and good weather to spend time out there enjoying it.


Nueve: Sunshine & Rain.  I love the sun, I love storms, and I love what both of them are doing to make my plants and flowers grow huge and beautiful!

Diez: Remembering just enough Spanish from middle & high school to be able to number my thankful list En Espanol.  (OK, I remember a little more than that, but not nearly as much as I’d like to!) There was no particular reason to use Spanish numbers, other than to be different.  Although I AM craving burritos.  Ole!  


Ten Things of Thankful

16 thoughts on “Agradecida !

  1. We have a lot in common; I wish we lived closer!
    SO glad Bo wasn’t injured. It’s always a blessing when they puke/poop that stuff out safely!
    Mr.4444 loves cooking bacon that way–Going to have some tomorrow morning, as a matter of fact! Yum…


  2. We totally cook up bacon in the oven and love it. Did you try bacon lattice in the oven? Omg, it is amazing and you can totally eat it as is or put it on a sandwich! Not joking and can’t believe I am gushing over bacon, but it is that good 😉


  3. Cyndy. Just shared your post about mug cake on FB. Amazing! I thought Laura from History of a Woman’s jello cake recipe was cool but this? Genious:)
    It’s my first time to your blog and I don’t know you but, I have to ask… how in the world do you get a tick on your “hiney”?!
    And the bacon tip. Thanks. Don’t often have it except for the occaisional blt but I’ll be sure to bake it next time!


    • I don’t quite know how, I mean I wasn’t naked outside or anything! haha We live in the woods so there are a lot of ticks around and I’ve heard that once they get on you, they crawl to a warm spot. I guess my hiney was warm. WAIT does that mean I have a hot butt?? haha!!


  4. We do bacon in the oven, too. If you want it less greasy, you can put it on a rack in the pan, but if you’re eating bacon, why bother with a little fat removal anyway?
    Removing a tick from your booty is definitely true love!
    Bad dog, Bo! No biscuit!


  5. Oh boy! I cannot wait to try the bacon in the over! How have I never heard of this? My son is a bacon-a-holic and I HATE frying it too. This is perfect, as are the cakes, Thanks for that, too. I completely agree that you deserve some kind of award for leaving Target having only spent $25. That never happens to me. Ever.

    I’m glad your Bo is okay…..


  6. Bacon in the oven? AWESOME! And I laughed out loud at the dog shaming photo – I guess it’s good he threw it up because the other way the metal buckle…. um, never mind. And yeah, you totally deserve an award for going to Target and getting out spending only $25!


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