Thrifty Thursday

It is my goal to start posting about my thrift store activities every Thursday.  The chances of this actually happening every Thursday is ohhhh about 1 in a gazillion.  Because I am all about consistency and stickwithitness.  But anyway.  This IS two Thursdays in a row, so, there’s that.

Anyhoo.  Something I seem to get a lot of from thrift stores is pretty plates and bowls.  I am always drawn to them and I’m not sure why.  They are usually single plates or bowls of some pretty design, which is fine because I don’t care much about matchy-matchy anyway, but a person can only use so many plates and bowls, pretty or not.  So when I stumbled across a really awesome Facebook page which had ideas for putting these bowls and plates to use in the most fantastic way, I was seriously happy.

Now, you may recall that a while back my husband cleared out a large area of trees and bushes for me.  I had my firepit and a couple of chairs nearby.  Now I have a huge area with my firepit, chairs, two rock gardens, and lots of flowers that we have planted and transplanted.  I also have outdoor fairy lights and windchimes and other fun little things.  It is My Spot and I love it.

ANYWAY.  I shall get to the point.  The crafts I found on the FB page are for the garden.  They are made with bowls and plates.  They are bird feeders or waterers/birdbaths and can be made in all different ways and actually could be used for other things as well (planters?).  I absolutely love them.  I am still perfecting the technique.  I have been using epoxy to hold them together, but I saw somewhere that you can also use a clear silicone caulk material and I’m going to try that next.  I am constantly on the lookout for different plates, bowls, cups and vases (as well as candle holders which can also be used).  I prefer that they do NOT match for the most part and it’s fun because you can use so many different things with them.  Each one is unique and whimsical and adorable.


This is the very first one I made, and it is mine. As you can see, I’m using it as a bird feeder.


This is the second one I made, and it’s also mine. I am using it for water for the birdies.


I made this one for my mom. It looks crooked in this picture but it’s not (at least I hope it’s not). I made a very similar one for my MIL, but her bottom plate is different. The thing in the middle is a little green flower pot with a dragonfly on it.


I made this one for my dad for Father’s Day. It’s a little more masculine, with a farm house and cows on the plates. (Sidenote: the plates were bought at 2 different stores at different times but look like they could be from the same set!)


Here are Dad’s and Mom’s bird feeders side by side. The one on the left looks kinda crooked. My sister took these pics for me and I think maybe her eyeballs are just crooked.  Shhh, don’t tell her I said that!


So, there you have it.  My latest crafting win!  I have a few ideas of other cool ways to do them,
and I’m excited to do MORE thrifting to find new material!
Tell me what ya think!


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