All Kinds of Random


We have been busy, busy, busy lately and just when I think it’s over I realize – nope.  Not yet.
There have been proms and Mother’s Day and birthdays and graduations and trips and band camps and graduation parties and Father’s Day and just when I start to take a deep breath, I realize another birthday is right around the corner, and that is my husband’s!  Fortunately he will probably just want dinner out somewhere.  Then it’s the 4th of July, but I am NOT having a party, no I’m NOT, I love them but I am partied out and I’m determined not to do it!  Somebody hold me to that!  Or better yet invite me to YOUR party!



The kids’ graduation party went very well.  The food was great, the weather held out for us so we all got to swim, and it was a nice, fun and relaxing time with family and friends.



The kittens’ names have both changed.  The other night I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a post from a pet rescue organization.  It showed a cute kitten that was looking for a home and its name was Hazel Grace.  I knew instantly that Elayna would love it, she’s obsessed with The Fault in Our Stars.  I called her in the room, and sure enough as soon as she saw it, her kitten’s name was changed!  Then Shelbie decided to change her kitten’s name, because she originally wanted to name her Paisley (my idea!), but Elayna’s kitten’s name was already Daisy and she was afraid they’d end up calling them Paizy and Daisley so she went with Tinker Bell but once Daisy became Hazel Grace, Tinker became Paisley.  Did you follow all that?  Good.

kitten collage

Hazel Grace & Paisley





On Sunday I was picking blackberries from our yard to take to my Mom; she loves them and I was trying to gather 2 cups so she could make a cobbler. The deer eat the ones that are easiest to get to, so I was roaming all over our property in order to gather all that I needed.  And as I was doing this, way in the back of the property, I found a blueberry bush with three ripe blueberries on it!  I was so excited; blueberries are my favorite.  So then I started searching and discovered that there are a lot more blueberry bushes that just aren’t producing yet, some that have a lot of green berries on it, and I even found one with 5 ripe blueberries on it!  We are going to start feeding them and see if we can get a few blueberries this year and hopefully have them really producing by next year.



The baby wrens are gone.
First there were eggs.  Then there were babies.  We gave them space and kept our eye out.  One day they were there.  The next day, they were gone.  There’s no way they were old enough to have left the nest.  So….I don’t know.  I can imagine what probably happened, but I’d prefer not to, thankyouverymuch.



My mother-in-law is currently flirting with one of her Facebook friends via comments on one of her photos.  She is a very conservative Christian so the flirting is very low-key and G-rated but still, it’s cracking me up!

I had all sorts of random thoughts rattling around, and I typed them up just in time for Random Thoughts Tuesday!

Check it out:



14 thoughts on “All Kinds of Random

  1. Why does party pressure even exist? People who rate parties are not enjoying them.
    I think it’s great to be able to walk over and pick fresh fruit. I was able to do that as a kid at my childhood home.


    • Oh, I’m not a “pinterest mom”, haha. Our parties are just food family friends and fun. But still, exhausting!
      My parents had a peach tree which I loved. We have several pear trees too but they’re very young and not yet producing.


  2. How exciting to find some blueberries! We’ve tried growing them for a few years, but no luck. The plants are still alive, but animals keep eating them. Hope you get lots of them next year!


  3. You live in the middle of no where like I do. We have outside animals disappear all the time. I refuse to imagine where they went although when the shih tzu disappeared …. well, that one was a bit hard to not try to figure out.

    No 4th of July party! None! well…. go ahead if you really want 😉


  4. You’re welcome to come to my brother’s 4th of July party – he said I could invite anyone I want! 😉

    Blackberries are my *favorite* – especially in blackberry cobbler. It was something I missed big time whilst living in PA, since they just don’t grow there. Here in Washington, though – we’ll have a plethora of them and I’ll be in 7th heaven! 🙂 Cool about the discovery of the blueberries – looking forward to seeing if you nurture them into fruition! 😉


  5. I still feel like we are not on summer vacation. I just want to sit in my PJ’s for a week. Is that to much to ask 😉

    How cool ya’ll have blueberry bushes. My granny used to have them on her property and blackberries and we loved to go out and pick them.


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