Thrifty Thursday ~ Graduation Edition


My daughter’s graduation was coming up, and I didn’t want to wear the dress I’d worn to my son’s graduation three years ago, or my father-in-law’s funeral last year.  (I’m not much of a dress wearer/owner.)  I decided I wanted a new dress, so I did what any normal person does.
OK, what any normal THRIFTER does.  I hit up the thrift shops!

Here’s what I ended up with:


The Dress – $8.50


Me in The Dress, with Shelbie



This is what Floridians wear to graduations. Because June is HOT.


It was in the 90’s that day. And HUMMMIIIDDD. Ugh.



The Shoes – Wedges. $4.99


Heels I can wear without busting my @$$? Priceless.

So – my outfit for graduation – $13.49.
I think that’s a pretty good deal.

Next week I will show you the awesome, beautiful, amazing things
that I’ve been MAKING using all-thrifted materials!


7 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday ~ Graduation Edition

    • Thank ya! I am not good at going through all the things; I do better when I have something specific in mind. My husband could sit all day and go through the entire store. I lack the patience for that.


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