Smiles & Milestones – 10(ish) Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful

I don’t even know where to begin this post!  What a day we had yesterday.  So, so thankful.

It’s important that you know that yesterday evening was my daughter and stepson’s high school graduation ceremony.


1. We woke up yesterday morning to a VERY hot house.  The actual temp in our house was much higher than the thermostat setting.  Shelbie was super-stressed – getting ready for a very important event in a HOT house is very difficult in Florida. (The high temp yesterday was 93 degrees.)
I’m so thankful that the AC guy came out promptly, and it was an easy fix (blown fuse).  My husband stayed home while the kids and I ran a few errands in the air conditioned truck while we were waiting.  The house had cooled off by the time we needed to get ready.


The Big Moment!

2. I am thankful that my daughter and stepson go to the same school.  One graduation ceremony is BY FAR enough to sit through in one year.


Me, my stepson Tyler, and Byron

3. I’m glad they attended a small school with a graduating class of around 250.  Graduations are boring.  Let’s face it.  The most entertaining part was the music from the band, and the singing of “Lean on Me'”.  But unfortunately they had the sound up FAR too loud when the girl started singing and I am pretty sure my ears were BLEEDING!  Once they fixed that problem (and our hearing was restored), it was great.


Me and my lovely daughter (and my husband photo bombing in the background)

4. Poor Shelbie – when the ceremony ended, all of the graduates did the traditional toss of their caps into the air, and the corner of someone’s cap landed right in Shelbie’s EYEBALL.  And it really hurt – her eye was red, swollen, and watery.  She immediately checked the inside of the cap to see who it belonged to – and it was Lauren, one of her closest friends!  What are the odds?  Her eye is better today, swollen but nothing terrible.  And that’s the part I’m thankful for – no serious damage.


My daughters – Shelbie & Elayna

5. I am so very grateful that we have a pretty awesome family.  There were SEVENTEEN people there for Shelbie, JUST on our side!  (that’s not counting her dad & his peeps.)  Now of course, my MIL was also there for Tyler, but she’d have still been there for Shelbie, either way.



My sister and niece with Shelbie.


6. One of the seventeen was Shelbie’s day care teacher from when Shelbie was two years old.  I worked at the preschool Shelbie attended, and her teacher Tanya and I became friends, but over the years we have only bumped into each other a few times and stayed in touch via Facebook.  I love her to pieces!  She is a wonderful person, fantastic with children, and she LOVED Shelbie.  I was SO thrilled that she made it to her graduation!  Shelbie was really touched and appreciative.


Tanya & Shelbie

7. My son is a goofball.  When Shelbie received her diploma and everyone was clapping and cheering, he hollered out “that’s muh seester!” in a goober voice….he had us cracking up.  (Shelbie couldn’t even hear him.)  I’m thankful for his humor.  And mostly thankful that he’s a great brother.


Shelbie made this collage of her and Tim in 2011 at his graduation (left) and Tim and Shelbie at HER graduation, 2014 (right). I love it!

8. Shelbie is now on her way to the Florida Keys.  She is with her boyfriend Dusty, his mom Heather, and Heather’s fiance, Larry.  The trip is through the Make A Wish foundation.  They will be there until Friday.  Dusty chose going to the Keys for his wish because his absolute favorite thing in the world is fishing, and he has always wanted to go deep sea fishing in the Keys.  The Make a Wish foundation takes care of EVERYTHING; all expenses, even the little things (all of them will get a pair of Costa del Mar sunglasses when they get there, for example).  They have been looking forward to this for a long time, and I am SO excited for all of them!  Super thankful that they all will get this much-needed getaway.  And only slightly jealous – I’m a Florida native & lifelong resident, yet I have NEVER been to the Keys!


Dusty & Shelbie

9. I am thankful that the fun is still not over – after they get back from the Keys, we’re going to have a Graduation Pool Party for Shelbie and Tyler at my mother-in-law’s house!  I can’t wait, I think we’ll have a blast.  Speaking of the pool……



10. I am thankful that I finally got to swim in my Mother-in-law’s pool today.  It’s the first time this year!  Every time I’ve been at her house since it warmed up, it’s rained, except for last time, when I forgot my swimsuit.  So today, after church and lunch out, I finally got some much-needed, relaxing pool time.  Elayna, MIL and I swam for a few hours.  And on our way home, the rain came!  Perfect timing.


11. I am thankful that the kittens are doing great, and they decided to say Hi to you all by walking all over my laptop keyboard.  Their message is below~~



They’re sleeping on one of my stacks of books! The one with the green collar is Elayna’s kitten, DaisyMae. The one with the pink collar is Shelbie’s kitten, TinkerBelle.


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9 thoughts on “Smiles & Milestones – 10(ish) Things of Thankful

  1. Frist comment! Congratulations to both kiddos for graduating and managing to do it from the same school! Was it outdoors in 93+ degree temps? I’m hoping not!
    Love those kittens! I’m such a sucker for kittens, as you may have been able to guess by all my posts about Ruby.
    That pool looks divine! Enjoy!


    • No! Thank goodness, it was in the O’Connell Center which is the venue for University of Florida events and concerts, etc. Most of our area high schools hold graduation there.

      ~ Cyndy ~



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  3. Very lucky that both of your graduates were at the same school so you only had one ceremony. MAN! Those ceremonies are loooooonnnnnggggg. I went to my niece’s graduation ceremony yesterday and it was over two hours. And then we lost her in the crowd and couldn’t even find her at the end. BAH! And poor Shelbie being stabbed in the eye! Yikes! My kids and I were actually joking about that happening while we were watching the ceremony yesterday. Can’t believe that it did actually happen. OUCH!
    You have to get to the Keys. It is so beautiful! Maybe someday, huh?


  4. Cats sleeping on a stack of books? What intelligent kitties they’ll be.

    It looks like the graduation went brilliantly, and in spite of (yes, they are boring, and thank goodness you only had one to go to) the ceremony, the celebration and the people who gathered around Shelbie to show her she matters to them is BRILLIANT!

    And yay! swimming 🙂


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