The Goings On Around Here


It’s been a pretty eventful week Back in the Bush.




Our family grew by two, as you may have read earlier this week.  I found two tiny kittens and brought them home.  They’ve stolen our hearts, and are now a part of the crew.


This shows their personalities; the one in front is more cuddly. The one in back playing with my hair is more playful.


They’re tough kitties; she’s putting the pitbull in his place!


Fearless rock climber!


One is named Daisy.


The other’s name hasn’t been decided just yet.





In other news: the baby Carolina wrens are starting to hatch!  The pic is not great but I was trying to be quick and not get too close.  There are 5 eggs.  |


The yellow thing is a baby’s beak, if that helps you identify it at all.




My baby girl, Elayna, finished the 7th Grade on Thursday.

Tomorrow, my oldest daughter, Shelbie, graduates high school.



Shelbie & Elayna

It blows my mind that the time has passed so quickly!  I can’t believe Shelbie is done with high school.  I can’t believe my “baby” is thirteen years old.

I am extremely proud of Shelbie.  I know I am biased, but she is such a great young lady.  She is mature, thoughtful, responsible, caring, and a hard worker.  She is a great daughter, friend, girlfriend, sister, etc.  She is confident and self-assured.
She’s pretty much awesome!




In June of 1991, I graduated high school.  Then, I blinked, and here we are!  At least that’s how it feels sometimes.




Me, 23 years ago.



Alright, I’ll save the rest of my random thoughts for another day!
I hope y’all had a great week, and I wish you a wonderful weekend!


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4 thoughts on “The Goings On Around Here

  1. Oh my gosh, time flies! My oldest just completed his first year in middle school and my youngest will begin his final year in elementary school next fall. Beautiful girls you have! The kittens are adorable. They can be so much fun!


  2. Your new babies are so precious! Congratulations! And good save. 🙂
    Congratulations to Shelbie, too. Such a HUGE milestone. And yes, it goes FAR too quickly. *sniff, sniff*


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