A Year of Thankful!

Ten Things of Thankful
It’s the first birthday of 10 Things of Thankful!  
I hope it smashes cake all over the place.


1. I am extremely thankful that I literally caught my patient mid-fall this week.  I had to take her to an appointment, and we were in the parking lot on the way to her car.  She walks with a walker.  I was on her right, and somehow her left foot got caught against the curb and she was about to go down.  If I’d literally been one step further away, she’d have landed on the concrete.  In the moment that I was catching her I was saying, “No, no, NO!” because I was determined that she was NOT going to fall!  I had to hold her up while she regained her balance.  It was not easy.  The rest of the day she kept saying how glad she was that I was so close and kept her from falling.  I was thinking, you and me both!  Whew, what a close call.

2. Right after we got home from the appointment, we had a huge thunderstorm.  The rain was coming down in buckets, there was thunder, lightning, the whole deal. I am very thankful that we made it home just in time.  When one uses a walker, walks extremely slowly, and is prone to falls, getting caught in a thunderstorm is a big deal.


I brought her some Mexican Petunia flowers from my yard yesterday. She loves flowers.

3. I’m thankful that, other than that incident, we had a really great day.  I work mostly nights, which means for much of my shift, she’s asleep.  I enjoy working the occasional day shift so that I get to spend time with her.

4.  My area is having a huge FREE pet adoption event this weekend.  I keep seeing Facebook updates from the local rescue groups and humane society about all the dogs and cats who have found homes already today.  (Just saw an update that today’s total was 552 pets!  And they still have all day tomorrow!! I can’t wait to see what the total numbers are at the end.)  Thankful for happy endings and new beginnings!

5.  I had a FroYo date with my oldest daughter Shelbie this past week.  Fun girl time + yummy frozen yogurt= Win!

6. I dreamed that I was married to Kenny Chesney.  Or we could have just been dating; that part really wasn’t very clear. The fact that I’m already married didn’t factor into this dream at all.  Now, I like Kenny Chesney, always have, but in my dream, he was a total jerk.  He was really mean and yelled and talked down to me all the time.  So I left him.  I’m thankful that past experience has taught me not to tolerate being treated that way, not even by a celebrity, not even in a dream!


It’s been stormy here lately, but I’m not complaining. My flowers need the rain.

7. Byron and I both have kids graduating from high school this year.  I am thankful that, just by coincidence, they go to the same school.  It makes Graduation Day a lot easier for us!  We joked that we planned that well.

8.  I’m thankful that school is almost out and summer break is nearly here!

9. Our blackberry bushes are getting loaded with blackberries.  Cobbler time!

10. Last but not least, I am thankful for 10 Things of Thankful!  I really love this hop and the way it makes me stop and reflect on all of the good things of the past week.  I’m thankful to all of the hosts and the work they do to make it happen every week.  Here’s to another year of Thankful!



12 thoughts on “A Year of Thankful!

  1. I am totally thankful for the hop, too. And I have had dreams like that, but not with Kenny Chesney, but still totally have had some crazy dreams in my past. And yay to the Froyo and hoping to do that at some point today, as I promised the girls yesterday if they were good after soccer 🙂


  2. I can understand your relief at catching your client. I caught my client last week but squeezed her poor arm in the process and it bruised. She smiles and says it hurts a lot less than a broken hip would have hurt. *Big Sigh!
    What a crazy dream! Would love to know what that all means. My nieces husband works for Kenny, he is pretty nice:)


  3. That is one detailed dream! Good for you, walking away from the jerk. 🙂
    My word, are you sore from catching your patient. I know that wasn’t an easy thing to do. Thank God you were strong enough to break her fall.
    I’m thrilled that you have joined up with our hop so regularly. It really is a way to get to know the little things about people, which helps build the friendships.


  4. Wow, I’m glad you caught your client – though be careful not to get squished if anyone falls another time! We have a policy where we’re not supposed to catch our patients if they fall (goes against every human instinct ever, that does).

    HERE’S TO MANY MORE YEARS of thankfulness and this hop 🙂

    The pet adoption sounds like a good idea. I hope it means that all the pets get looked after well, and find great homes.

    And YAY! blackberries 🙂


  5. oh I cannot WAIT for blackberry season here!
    SO funny about the dream and not taking any flack…love that!
    Congrats on the great catch… Its a nervewracker when that happens!
    The mexican petunias look so much heartier than the others … are the petals thicker?


  6. What a nice list!!!
    I love that dream. It shows how strong you’ve become and how you realize that you deserve to be treated well and you deserve good things. It also tells you that you know that even though something may look good on the outside it doesn’t mean it is on the inside (ex. celebrities). It sounds like you are enjoying the life you have built for yourself just as it is. Awesome.
    Hope you had a great weekend!


  7. Sounds like you and you patient had a couple of close calls…the fall and the thunderstorm. I’m glad it all turned out alright. That was so sweet of you to bring her flowers 🙂 You have two graduates in your family at the same time? Double celebration! That’s awesome! I have to agree with you on the rain, we sure did need it.


  8. How wonderful that your caught you patient. That is great about the graduations being at the same school. Blackberries are my favorite…..enjoy!


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