Birds, Cats, and other Wildlife – Friday Fragments!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I really love the brain-dump of Friday Fragments.
I look forward to it every week!



I got a picture of the Mama Bird sitting on her eggs.  I am almost certain she’s a wren.  (Opinions?)
I wasn’t as close as it seems from the picture, I zoomed in.  But I won’t get even that close again. (I just HAD to get one pic!!)  But Mama chose a pretty heavily trafficked area to make her nest; I had just planted sunflower seeds right beside the shelf on which the planter sits – the planter she built the nest in.  Also, it’s close to the water spigot, and we  just planted/transplanted a LOT of plants, flowers and seeds.  I can’t let all that money and hard work go to waste, so I have to water frequently, which means she has to tolerate my presence, and so far she is.  If I get too close, she flies away until I go inside.  Fingers crossed she keeps coming back!


“Go away. I don’t like you.”



We have started feeding some stray cats that hang around here.  One comes up to the house a lot, another one hangs out down at the opposite end of the driveway.  That one cracks me up because he loves to lie in the middle of the driveway.  When I drive up he gives me this look like “Ugh. You again?  I just got comfortable in this spot of sunshine.  Do I really have to move?”  Meanwhile I’m slooowly inching forward and finally he’s all “SIGH.  FINE.  I will get up and find another spot but this BETTER BE THE LAST TIME.  KEEP YOUR BUTT IN THE HOUSE.  Also bring some food down here.” I love cats with attitude.
(What?  You don’t make up things that your pets are probably saying inside their heads?  Well maybe you should.  IT’S FUN.)


I got a new hairdo.  I can’t believe how fast my hair grows.  It feels like I just got it cut, but it had been a few months.  It feels much better now.


Before & After. I’m the adorable strawberry blonde on the far left. I told y’all I look young!



I don’t think there are a lot of bloggers in my immediate area.  I have had two local blog friends.  They both moved away.  Like, far away.  Wayyyy out of this state.  I’d maybe take it personally but one of them I had never even met in person!  I wish there were more local bloggers so we could have meetups and stuff.  (Gainesville Florida bloggers?  Are you out there?)



Pretty sure I had more fragmented thoughts in my head, but I’m falling asleep, so that is all for now.
Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!


8 thoughts on “Birds, Cats, and other Wildlife – Friday Fragments!

  1. I think all pet owners see those expressions on their pet’s faces that tell you what they’re thinking some days…. Mine hate it when I make them move from my bed and I get very noticeable looks that leave no doubt as to how they feel.

    I’d love to meet up for lunch but unfortunately, I’m a long way from you. 😦


  2. I hope the cats don’t find the baby birds.
    We feed cats that we thought were strays and one day we needed a plumber and a neighbor recommended a guy a few streets over and the cat in our house was his.
    Your hair is adorable.
    I hope you find some local bloggers, I just love hanging out in real life with other bloggers. Have you trid meet-up?


  3. I love the hair — its’ amazing how good a new haircut can make you feel! That’s wild about the nesting bird. I look forward to more pics.
    And yes, cats with attitude are the best!


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