Summer – Flowers – Thankful!


Wise words.

It’s that time again, for 10 Things of Thankful!  Here’s what I’m thankful for at the moment: 

~ I cannot believe I forgot to mention my new vacuum cleaner on last week’s thankful list.
Let me tell you the whole story.  When Byron and I got married, we both had vacuum cleaners.  Just standard bagless uprights.  We kept both of them and mostly used mine because it worked best…until it didn’t.  Then we used his, which worked fine…until it didn’t.  We cleaned them out and changed belts and all that stuff.  They would work okay.  Until last month, at which time neither of them worked, at all.  They made noise and would suck up a little dirt and then spit it back out.  Now, we have three dogs and one cat.  We live out in the woods, so a LOT of dirt and grass are tracked in.  There are anywhere from one to five people tracking stuff in on a regular basis, and often several more.  I need a vacuum cleaner, and I need a good one!  So, for Mother’s Day/my birthday, I requested and received a new vacuum cleaner, and I got the most wonderful one in the world.  I LOVE to vacuum, it’s probably my favorite house chore.  This one is a canister with floor attachments, which is exactly what I wanted.  I can vacuum the carpet, the hard floors, the blinds, the deer heads (yes, I vacuum them, they get really dusty!).  I love it.  It’s quite ridiculous how much I love it.  So much that I have now devoted an entire paragraph to it.




What??? I think I should give him a name…suggestions?


~ Byron and I have discovered that we make a great gardening team.  He knows so much about plants, planting, etc. and as for me, well, I am learning.  We work well together and have  a blast.

~ This afternoon, Elayna and I went to the flea market.  I wanted another jasmine bush.  I ended up with one jasmine and two heather bushes, all for $10!  I am thankful for the flea market.  We also got boiled peanuts to snack on, and some fresh corn on the cob which I cooked for dinner.

~ The heather bushes were replacements.  I had two beautiful bushes at the end of the front steps and the dogs decided to pee on them every time they went out.  So, they died.  (I assured my niece, Heather, that it was nothing personal.)  So now the new heather bushes were planted in my (new-to-me) concrete planters to make them pee-pee-proof.


~ A while back my Mom gave me this cute little decorative rock for my garden.  I posted a picture of it on Instagram, and a fellow owl-loving friend of mine asked me if I had all three – the hear-no-evil and see-no-evil as well as the speak-no-evil.  I didn’t even know there were three!  So it took me checking a few stores but I finally found the other two and now have the whole set in my rock garden.


~ Tonight the kids and I watched Frozen in 3D on TV at home.  It was my first time seeing Frozen, and the first time watching a 3D movie on our TV.  When we got this TV I didn’t expect to really ever use the 3D feature, but I have to say this movie was AWESOME in 3D.  The snowflakes looked like you could reach out and touch them.  The girls have seen the movie several times but still thoroughly enjoyed the 3D experience!  And the movie is great, too.

~ We have a lot of little green tree frogs that hang around our house in the evenings.  The other night, one snuck inside and our cat went on the attack.  But my husband saved the day; he captured the frog and put him outside.  I’m thankful that he has that soft side.

~ I’m very thankful for this long weekend, and for the meaning behind it.

~ I’m thankful that Summer Break is almost here!

~ I’m thankful that summer WEATHER is already here – it was 91 today!  And I love it!  On Friday afternoon, I was out and about wearing jeans and cowboy boots and I was absolutely roasting.  No more of that until winter!  It’s flip flops from here on out.

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18 thoughts on “Summer – Flowers – Thankful!

  1. Ha! I love that your longest paragraph was about a vacuum cleaner. It is amazing what joy a simple machine can give a mother, isn’t it? I was just as happy when I got my awesome vacuum 6 years ago.
    I always wondered how those 3D TVs would work. I couldn’t imagine it would be very good. Glad you enjoyed it. And Frozen…good movie choice.


  2. I have a little pile of hard-earned money accruing in a hidey-hole in my closet so I can BUY A NEW VACUUM CLEANER! What kind is yours?! I have surveyed friends and am thisclose to getting a Shark Navigator, because everyone said it was good with pet hair, but I’m still open to suggestions. I have 3800 sq. ft. of hardwood floors and area rugs over two stories.
    Love the little owls. And your planter. And the mental picture of the cat chasing the frog!


  3. The planter really did scrub up well, and look at you GO, just getting it done! Wow. If it were me, it would sit in my garden for months before I did anything with it. In point of fact there are PILES of rocks in my garden that I’m meant to be getting rid of, and just HAVEN’T! For months.

    There is nothing in the world quite like a vacuum cleaner which works. I have a Henry (it came with a name already) and I love it. The name for yours depends on whether you’d naturally refer to it as a vacuum or a hoover – either way, alliterate it.


    • I’m on a roll lately, and I’m taking advantage of it by getting as much done as I can! I have used a Henry vac and I LOVE them. Mine works much the same (but it’s not as cute). I call them Vacuums and I can’t think of anything catchy that starts with a V.

      On Sun, May 25, 2014 at 1:53 PM, Back in the Bush wrote:



      • Our internet died for 48 hours last week and I was thrown into such a panic I CLEANED EVERYTHING. Well sort of everything. okay a LOT.

        Henries are AWESOME. It was the desire of my heart to have one, and we got given one for our wedding and I was SO happy.

        Veronica, Vicky, Valerie, Victor, Vinnie, Viggo, Virgil, Viv, Vix, Vvvvvvvvvvvvvv*run out of ideas*


  4. New vacuum cleaners are the best. gift. ever! AND it deserves a name.

    Love the planters, the heather and flea markets. The owl rocks are so cute. I missed an opportunity to buy the same series in frogs. I am still looking for it.


  5. What a lovely post, Cyndy! And what a beautiful blog!
    I make it a habit to list the things I am grateful for – it is the surest path to happiness.
    My favorite Pooh quote is the one that goes: “What day is it?” Asked Pooh. “It’s today” squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day” said Pooh
    Have a happy week!


  6. Tree frogs…ahhhhhh!!! Are they cute?
    My dog is destroying all of the things in our yard. Also the child. I’m looking for hearty 5 year old and 10 year old dog proof.
    I think the older we get, our choices in gifts and the excitement we have of getting such gifts change. I totally would be excited for a vacuum. Last year I got replacement tools for my garden. I just about cried.


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