My Pink Room


Recently I was privileged to receive the memoir, My Pink Room by Kathleen Mackey Gallanar, to read and review.
Memoirs are my favorite genre of books.  I find real peoples’ stories fascinating.  I love getting a peek into someone else’s life.

This memoir was unique.  It was started when the author was ten years old.  Her father passed away after a long illness, and she started journaling and writing poetry.  As an adult, she wove the journal entries and poems into a memoir.  She discussed her feelings, both now and then, that came from experiencing the death of a parent at such a young age, and never really having a healthy father.  It certainly shaped her entire life, and is something she will deal with forever.

It was a quick read, and interesting for me.  I think it would be particularly interesting and meaningful for someone who lost a parent at an early age.  The emotions and poems would be even more relatable to someone  who has gone through a similar experience.



You can find the book on just click HERE!

(I received no compensation for this post, 
other than the book for review.)


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