Thankful Florida Girl

Ten Things of Thankful

Happy weekend!  Hope you’re having a great one.
It’s that time again…..
I am thankful for:


**Conversations like this:
Byron- Thank you, you are my wonderful love.
Me – Only when you want something.
Byron- Yep. And I always want something.  Works out pretty good, huh?
Me- You do have a point….


**This dog.  Oh, he has my heart.  An ordinary ride to pick something up at the store becomes OMG FUN FUN FUN!!!! when you take Bo along.


I got attacked by a pit bull. I ended up covered in slobber. And love.


** The TV Guide app.  Seriously, it’s pretty awesome.  You can put in your favorite shows and it notifies you when new episodes are airing.

** Thankful for For Your Tears and my sweet friend Debby.  She sent one of her handkerchiefs to my second cousin who recently lost her full-term baby son.  It was very much appreciated!

** Patience.  I am re-learning it.  When I worked in home care before, I had to work on my patience.  I am not a patient person by nature.  Then when I got out of home care and worked at the hospital, everything was rush-rush-rush so the patience went out the window.  Now, I’m getting back into the swing of relaxing and being patient, because the elderly tend to operate on their own time, and that time is sllllloooowwww.  Or maybe even STOP.  I’ll do it when I want.  And that’s their prerogative.

** I’m thankful that it rained the day I planted my rosebush and salvia plants.  My son gave me a gift card for Mother’s Day/my birthday to buy flowers & plants for my garden area.  Perfect gift for me!

** I’m thankful that I live in Florida.  I’m not bragging, just expressing gratitude- today was an amazing, perfect, beautiful day.  Sunny, not a cloud in the blue sky, and the high temp was 81.  It was gorgeous.

** I am thankful that we made the most of this perfect day.  After I took a nap (I worked last night), Byron and I worked in the yard all day.  We had so much fun, it didn’t feel like work.

** There is an old abandoned homestead in the woods near us.  We know the owners.  The house burned down years ago.  A couple of weeks ago, Elayna and I took a walk and I saw tons of huge, beautiful miniature rose bushes blooming all over the place.  So today, Byron and I went over there and dug up bunches of rose bushes, and some purple heart, and transplanted them to our yard.


One of the red miniature rose bushes. We tied it so that it will climb up the tree.

** While there, we also found stepping stones made of pebbles, and two huge concrete planters.  Tomorrow we’ll be pressure washing them.  They are beautiful!  So we beautified our yard today with no money spent – just sweat and bug bites and scratches…. (btw, we had the owner’s blessing to take anything we wanted!)  I will post ‘after’ photos next week.




Aaaaaaand that’s all, folks!
Link up your 10 Things of Thankful,
all the cool kids are doing it! 


13 thoughts on “Thankful Florida Girl

  1. Finally getting some nice weather up here in NY, too, but trust me very jealous of Florida weather in winter and early spring, too. But still sounded like a wonderful week and hope you are now enjoying your weekend, too 😉


  2. Yesterday was a perfect day! I need so desperately to work in my yard but it will have to wait and I know that days like yesterday aren’t going to last. It was a nice day to be on the baseball field though. I can’t wait to see the after photos. I love the idea of tying the rose bush to the tree so it climbs. Thanks for the idea 🙂


  3. I’m thankful there are people like you who like to garden. Takes the pressure off of people like me 🙂

    Are you a home health nurse?

    I think one of the nicest things about living in Florida is that you would never be more than an hour or so from a beach!


    • I’m a home health CNA (certified nurse assistant). We are just over an hour from the beach and it’s great! I wish we got to the beach more though.

      On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 4:14 PM, Back in the Bush wrote:



  4. I admire certain plants (including roses) but do not seem to have much skill at getting them to grow… a rose bush that climbs up a tree sounds interesting. (I have one rose-type-plant, at least it has really sharp thorns… it seems to want to spread out in all directions and stay close to the ground, maybe I should move near something that it can grab on to… lol you tell from my comment why I have such good luck with plants)


  5. I feel like there’s something fastastical (word?) about finding miniature rosebushes in an abandoned lot out in the woods. I don’t know about you, but I’d spend a lot of time daydreaming about the previous owners and their rosetending habits.
    Ugh, I am not a patient person by nature either. It takes work!


    • I love it! You think like me. The roses totally thrilled me, especially the deep vibrant red ones, and they were blooming like crazy!

      On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 10:18 PM, Back in the Bush wrote:



  6. The first time I read this, I read “patients went out the window”. Like you were so busy, you didn’t have time to worry about the patients. It thought, “That doesn’t sound like Cyndy!” and reread it. PATIENCE went out the window. Got it. 🙂 Patience can be so difficult to keep sometimes.
    If I were to see those roses in the woods, I would have been happy to see such pretty flowers. I never, in a million years, would have thought, I can transplant those to my own garden. Impressive!


  7. I need to check out that TV guide app, sounds perfect for me!
    I’m glad she liked it…((HUGS))
    So many wonderful things to be thankful for.
    Have a nice week…….


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