The world is changing. I’m a little scared.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

~ I had a pretty good Thursday.  I got a little nap in this morning, then hubby and I ran a few errands.  Elayna had a band concert tonight.  Prior to that, Byron, Elayna and I met my mom and my mother-in-law at a country buffet restaurant for dinner.  Fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy and all kinds of other deliciousness.  YUM.  (my older two kids were working and couldn’t make it.  bummer!)  My sister, niece, and two great-nieces met us at the school for the concert.  It was great! I am so proud of my flutist.



Me, Byron, and Elayna. That strawberry blonde blur in the corner is Hayleigh.




The outtake: Elayna is now tall enough that she cannot stand in front of me in photos. (she’s wearing flats. I AM NOT.)


~ I used to think my mom would never, ever figure out the internet.  Tonight, she took the above photos, uploaded them to Facebook immediately after arriving home, and then tagged all of us in the pictures.  What is this world we are living in??  She also said words to me a couple of weeks ago that I never, ever, EVER thought I would hear: “I read your blog”.  Y’all.  My mom is 71 years old.  I’m proud, yet, terrified.

~ I just thought of something.  My mother-in-law is doing online dating.  My mom is on Facebook and reading my blog.  Seriously, what is this world coming to???

~ I worked a day shift this week.  They needed me to fill in.  I went in at 7 am.  I got up at 6 am.  That messed my internal clock up just like suddenly working a night shift would for y’all normal people.  I was exhausted for the next two days!  I am going to try my best to avoid doing that again.  Ever.

~ I did enjoy that time with my patient, though. I cooked a huge, delicious breakfast for her, which she thoroughly enjoyed, and then spent time chatting with her.  It was nice.

~ I made three-cheese Chicken Parmesan this past week, and mentioned it on Facebook.  My sister-in-law requested the recipe, which was kind of flattering, as I got a lot of my recipes FROM her.  And the 3-cheese chicken parm is my own recipe.  Anyway, I shared it with her and will be glad to share it with you if you’d like it.  There’s an obscene amount of cheese in it; my husband calls it “almost TOO good”.

Ok it’s sleepy time for me (I am off tonight). Have a wonderful weekend! 


8 thoughts on “The world is changing. I’m a little scared.

  1. congrats to Elayna on her band concert.
    Great that your mom figured out the FB picture posting. Maybe it will be better going forward but FB was terrible about changing all the time. Just when I would get use to the operation they would change the buttons, layout, feed, you-name-it.


  2. Congrats to your mom! We tried to help my mother-in-law get on Facebook. She really wanted to keep up with her family. It has been far from successful, but has given us plenty of laughs. Every once in a while we’ll see a post that says she started attending a local high school. She has no idea how she does it. 🙂
    Elayna looks lovely. I love listening to young people playing an anstrument.


  3. It’s crazy isn’t it. My MIL is 86 and she in online……
    The dinner before the concert sounds yummy.
    The chicken sounds yummy. Would love the recipe….I love cheese!


  4. I Think that’s very cool your mom knows how to use the internet and is enjoying Facebook and reading your blog. Wish my mom was still alive and could read my blog.


  5. Ha! I love that your mom is on FB and reading your blog. That’s awesome. My MIL is just starting to think about online dating. The world IS changing! I don’t know if I can keep up! 😉


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