Happy Mother’s Birthday Thankfulness in my City

Unknown Mami

This weekend has been FULL of things for which to be thankful, so I’m jumping right in!

1. I am thankful for Energy!  I didn’t realize until I left my hospital job how utterly physically and mentally draining it actually was.  I have so much more energy now!  Before, I was sleeping every chance I got.  No more!  I was up early every day this weekend – and BUSY.

2. Saturday I was up before 8am.  Elayna and I picked up her friend and the three of us went to a local Zucchini Festival.  It was fun, and OMG, fried zucchini dipped in ranch is phenomenal!  Then, we did some shopping, I cleaned my house top to bottom, I washed two trucks, I cooked a meal plus a birthday cake, and then we had friends and family over to celebrate my birthday, Elayna’s friend’s birthday, as well as the birthday of another friend/neigbor who came over.  It was a potluck/weiner roast; I made hot dogs, deer sausage, and potato salad, and my one of my friends brought baked beans and some refreshing beverages.

3. Sunday – up before 7am .  Took Elayna’s friend back to her Dad, came home and got ready for church.  After church, we went to my mother-in-law’s house where I cooked two pans of lasagna, two vegetables, and garlic bread.  I always make lasagna for Mother’s Day and even though everyone was willing to do something different so I could have a ‘day off’, I really wanted lasagna!  And I love cooking.  We hung out afterwards, and the plan was to go swimming in my MIL’s pool, but storms came in and shot those plans down.  But we still had fun!  There were 14 of us there total- my family including Shelbie’s boyfriend, my parents, MIL, my sister, my niece and her little family.

4. My mom brought dessert today.  I requested this Fresh Strawberry Cake and I was glad I did!  It is delicious.  I now have leftovers from two birthday cakes to eat.  Ooops.


After 40, you forget your age and just go with a question mark.

5. I am thankful to still have a Mama to celebrate with.  As my parents get older, I am more aware of that.


Shelbie, Me, Elayna, my Mom

6. I got some beautiful gifts from my children this year.  My son gave me a gift card to buy flowers for my garden.  My girls gave me lovely, handmade gifts from their hearts as well as some small gifts and cards.


7. This is a canvas painting done by Shelbie. (click to enlarge) The writing says, “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my mommy you’ll be.” Yes, I cried. Of course I did.


8. This is a painting by Elayna. I LOVE it!


9. I even got a card from Dusty, my daughter Shelbie’s boyfriend , saying  Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for raising a sweet, beautiful daughter.  You gotta love that.

10. Basically, my weekend was perfect.  I was surrounded by all of my friends, family, and favorites, full of delicious food, and had a lot of fun!  And now….I am exhausted and ready for bed!


Shelbie, Me, Elayna, Tim


Me + My Hubby= Love.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day and weekend!


14 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Birthday Thankfulness in my City

  1. So, you have me wondering…did you use Zucchini in your lasagna? I know many vegetarian recipes do! Lasagna does sound pretty good but only if I don’t have to make it. It’s labor intensive. Crockpot lasagna is the closest I come!

    Happy Bday! Sounds like it was one in which much energy was needed and thank goodness, you had that!


  2. Aww, so glad you had a lovely birthday and Mother’s Day, too. And yay also for energy and know that for me a good day is when I have enough energy to get all I need to get done and then some. Have a wonderful week ahead now, too!!


  3. I am in awe at your children’s artistic talents! I bet those paintings get hung in a prominent place in your house. (And of course, any line from Love You Forever would bring tears to the eyes!)


  4. That is awesome news on the energy you have. OMG, what a busy Saturday you had and you accomplished so much. That festival sounds like a fun time and I have to say that I love so many things dipped in ranch!!!! The lasagna sounds delicious and the dessert looks yummy. The canvas painting is amazing and so beautiful. Love all the photos. Sounds like a perfect Mother’s Day!


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