Why I’m SO Happy to be back in Home Care

Linking up with Medical Mondays!


As of last month, I officially went back to doing Home Health Care full-time.  (I spent the last year and a half working as a Tech/CNA/PCA at a hospital.)  Home Health Care is my passion and I am absolutely certain that I am back where I belong!  I am even taking care of the same patient I cared for previously.  Here are some of the reasons I am SO happy to be back!


1. Hearing my patient’s daughter say “I sleep well at night when I know you are here taking care of my mother”.

2. Sharing my daughter’s prom pictures with my patient and her daughter.  They’re like extended family.


3. Cooking meals for my patient that I know she will enjoy.

4. Having only ONE patient who gets 100% of my undivided time and attention.


5. Listening to another caregiver complain that she can’t get the patient to settle down and do anything, then 10 minutes into my shift, having my patient relaxing and eating a snack.  (that other caregiver is no longer caring for this patient.  Ahem.)

6. Driving to work in a great mood, singing to the radio and smiling.


Seriously, who is this happy going to work on a Sunday night? This girl right here.

7. Listening to absolutely fascinating stories from someone who has lived many years, traveled all over the world, and experienced many things.

8. Knowing that this is the work I was meant to do.  It’s rewarding and fulfilling.  It’s my calling.  I’m good at it.  And I hope I never have to do anything else!



14 thoughts on “Why I’m SO Happy to be back in Home Care

  1. You are such a wonderful PCA. Know that you truly are the backbone of the medical field. You guys keep the show going and work your asses off. You don’t get enough credit for all that you do.
    I’m glad that you’re back to work and touching the lives of the people you care for. They are lucky to have such a compassionate soul taking care of them xoxo


  2. Wow! Sounds like you love what you do and are awesome at it! How fulfilling!! My favorite part of the job would be listening to their stories and life experiences. I love that. Thanks for linking up for Medical Mondays!


  3. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays and welcome, I don’t think I have seen you around:-) I think it is amazing when people can find something to be passionate about. Congratulations and best of luck.


  4. I had no idea you are back in home care. I thought you were enjoying your last job.
    But clearly, this is what you are meant to do. It is definitely your calling. So awesome. 🙂
    You rock!


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