Lovely, Thankful Things

I always think of Fall as my favorite season,
but this Spring is so gorgeous, I’m starting to reconsider!  

Anyway…. it’s Thankful Time!  

1. I am thankful that my stepson’s girlfriend took this photo:


My (oldest) daughter and my husband’s (only) son are both seniors at the same high school. His girlfriend got a pic of them together at Prom.


2.  I am very thankful that my daughter and her boyfriend enjoyed Senior Prom.  I am thankful that Dusty was healthy enough to go.

3. I am thankful to report that neither Shelbie NOR Dusty TWERKED at prom.  Yes, I asked.  HA!

4. I’m thankful for treatment for T-cell lymphoma; without that, Dusty most likely would not have been at prom on Friday night.

5. I love to cook and consider myself a pretty good cook (because everyone says so).  But for a long time I couldn’t seem to master three things that are considered very basic and most beginner cooks can make: fried eggs, omelets, and pancakes.
I am proud, and thankful, to announce that within the past couple of years I have mastered all three of these things, most recently the omelet.  I am now thoroughly enjoying omelets every chance I get!  (P.S. it’s all about temperature and butter/oil – for all three things!  Also, patience.  Never my strong suit.)

6. I am thankful that my gardenia bush is blooming!  Gardenias can be finicky and hard to coax to bloom; they’re all sensitive about pH and acidity and stuff.  But all I did was plant this bad boy, and once spring came, it went crazy!  I love having nice, rich soil.

gardenia1 gardenia2

7. My jasmine is blooming too!  WOOHOO Thankful for SPRING.


The best fragrance on earth.


8. You may have heard that parts of Florida have been experiencing severe flooding this past week.  My brother and his family live in one of the effected areas and I am very THANKFUL that they are safe and unharmed!


THAT’S A TRUCK IN THAT HOLE, Y’ALL. This is serious, scary stuff.

9. We did get a ton of rain where I live during this past week, and I am so thankful that the sun is finally out today!  It peeked out yesterday just before sunset, which was a big old tease.


10. I work nights, and the past few days I have worked one night, then was off the next, then worked, etc.  I was off last night (Saturday night) and I work tonight at 7pm.  But this morning I woke up at 7:40 and absolutely panicked!  I thought it was 7:40 PM!  I grabbed my phone and noticed that nobody from work had called looking for me, so I got confused, and then finally looked at the time more closely and saw that it said 7:40 AM.  Whew!  And then I had a headache from waking up in a panic.  Ha!  I was  THANKFUL that I was not, in fact, late for work!

Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend with MUCH to be thankful for!
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14 thoughts on “Lovely, Thankful Things

  1. Another FRIST for moi? Awesome!

    How great that you got a picture of both kids at prom! Yay to the girlfriend for snapping the picture!

    We had a ginormous jasmine bush under our bedroom window when we lived in California. Such a sweet smell! I still miss it, and it’s been 17 years since we left.

    I wondered about you and the sinkholes in Florida. Glad you escaped them. Your rain was all from the same storm system that brought our tornadoes last weekend, I believe. And, oddly enough, in spite of the severe weather we had, we didn’t get very much rain at all, which we badly need.


    • I love that you thought of me. That’s the best part of blogging, the friends you make – real friends! =) I would be happy to send you some rain! And some jasmine, if I could.

      On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 11:32 AM, Back in the Bush wrote:



  2. Glad you’re doing ok and that the sun is finally peeking out.

    Kudos to the GF for the picture. It’s a wonderful one! Loved all the prom pix!


  3. Successful cancer treatment – always worthy of HUGE thanks.

    Scary stuff, that Florida weather! I’m glad you’re okay, but WOW! I hope the damage gets fixed soon.

    Your garden’s looking really lovely. I’m with you in really enjoying the spring, though I still think Summer’s my absolute favourite season.


  4. There were so many truly happy things in your TToT this week. Loved the prom pics, fun to see the kids playing dress-up, and especially great to see Dusty was able to go! Your gardenias are amazing, and yes jasmine is the sweetest scent there is! I know that sick feeling of waking up and thinking you are late for work, or worse yet actually being late… such a state of panic that it does indeed make you ill. I’m glad you found out that you actually had time to relax and prepare before the coming night shift, and hopefully catch a bit more sleep! Please send us some rain, we need it so badly here in West Texas, but definitely not the flooding from the storms. I’m glad you survived it safely!


  5. I am so happy to hear that Dusty made it to the prom. Big fan of him over here in Canada and rooting him on. He’s such an ass kicker. And thank sweet baby jesus that there was no twerking.
    Omelets are the bomb. I only eat them in the summer though with fresh veggies. Nom Nom.


  6. I love that prom photo too! I’m especially glad there was no twerking (by your kiddos at least)…I never thought to ask! I had to master the omelet long ago as my husband and son love them. You are right it’s got to be the perfect storm and I still sometimes flub them up and they end up being more like pot luck scramble!! Our jasmine is going crazy here right now too and I love the smell. The rain this past week was insane. I am glad that your brother and his family are okay. We needed a little rain but it was days upon days and thankfully we aren’t in any of the areas that flooded. Like you, I was very happy to see the sun yesterday!


  7. Those spring flowers sound delightful. We’ve moved past daffodil/tulip season and are right into azaleas. So beautiful and they last so long! Too bad they don’t smell nice.
    Sounds you had lots of powerful thankfuls from this last week!


  8. How awesome to have that photo!!! I just picked a gardenia off of our bush and gave it too my daughter. It was my mother’s favorite flower and my dad always bought her corsages with gardenia in them. I just love smelling the jasmine this time of year. Oh my, those sink holes scare the crap out of me. Glad your brothers family is safe.


  9. How sweet is that prom pic? Yay! I have a pic with my brother at Senior prom. We went to the same one and my mom treasures it. Your gardenia bush is amazing!! I came looking for a pic. 🙂


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