Mayday! Mayday!



Today is the first day of May – my birthday month!!

My mother was born on Christmas Day.  She was the fourth of five children and the fourth girl.  They were farmers and not wealthy people, so it’s not as if birthdays were elaborate affairs, but for a Christmas baby it’s even worse.  It’s just hard for that not to get lost in the Christmas Celebration.  And she got way too many gifts that were for “Christmas AND your birthday combined!!” Yeah, that just stinks.

So I would imagine that is why I feel the way I do about birthdays.  Birthdays were always special in our home.  They were our special day.  I am the baby of three children.  My brother’s birthday is in August, mine is May 11th, and my sister was almost a Christmas baby too!  She was born December 22nd.  But all of our birthdays were special.  Not because of lavish parties or gifts but just because they were OUR day.  Our favorite dinner, our favorite cake.  Somehow my Mom made birthdays seem so special that I was completely floored when I found out that mail was delivered on MY birthday!
In my defense, I was very young.  Like, 20 maybe.  Kidding!  

I did, and do, the same thing for my kids.  They get even more of a celebration because we usually do a dinner at home on or around the actual day, then they do the same thing at their dad’s house, then a dinner out with my family, and usually a party for their friends.  I have an almost-Christmas baby too!  Shelbie’s birthday is December 19th.  So now, we have a party in December to celebrate my Mom’s, sisters’s, and Shelbie’s birthdays.

Anyway.  I’m telling you all of this to tell you that my birthday is May 11th and even though I am turning FORTY-ONE, I still love my birthday.  I guess I always will.  May is a great month anyway.  Springtime is in full bloom, along with beautiful flowers.  And even better, this year my birthday falls on Mother’s Day.  I’m looking forward to it!  I wonder how many celebrations I can squeeze out of my birthday this year?  We will see!

How about you?  How are birthdays in your family?
A huge celebration?  No big deal?


7 thoughts on “Mayday! Mayday!

  1. My brother once posted a meme that said, “Did the wise men give their gifts to Jesus saying, “This is for Christmas AND your birthday'”? Cracks me up. It’s easy to overlook those holiday birthdays.
    Around here, we don’t have parties with friends every year. The birthday child gets to choose the menu for breakfast and dinner, and someone else does the birthday boy’s chores for him.


  2. Birthday’s are big in our house too! I was happy when our son arrived on January 20th so it would be far enough away from Christmas. This is our daughter’s birthday month too. She is on the 18th. Your poor mama 😦 Have a wonderful month celebrating your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…..


  3. My Mom’s birthday is May 11th too! I got her a birthday AND a Mother’s Day card. And gifts.

    I hope you have a fabulous birthday AND Mother’s Day.


  4. We didn’t have huge parties for our birthdays (I had a total of two birthday parties all my growing up years but that made them all the more special. However, my mom always made our birthdays very special. I do the same for my kids. They will each get one or two big parties but each year the day is made very special. And if you luck out and have a birthday on a weekend it usually is celebrated all weekend. 🙂
    May is a GREAT month to have a birthday!


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