Clothespin Craft – Cheap & Easy!




This craft has been doing the rounds on Pinterest, Facebook, and who knows where else.  It is just my style: cheap and easy!  So the girls and I made a few this weekend and I plan to make a few more.

All you need is:
1. Tuna or cat food Cans (washed & label removed)
2. Clothespins (I got a pack of 100 at Walmart for $1.88)
3. Whatever you wish to put inside of them: tea lights, small plants, etc….


Step One


Step Two

You place the clothespins around the rim of the cans and when you’re done,
you have a neat looking container that looks kind of like a little basket!  It’s neat and so cheap.


Step Three


Finished Product!

 Mine will be kept outside in my little garden area where I hang out and have bonfires.
I put tea lights in mine.  I plan to do more, and put flowers in those.
I figure the clothespins should hold up well outside, but if not, I’ll just get more!
You can also paint them or glue cute things to them to dress them up.
If you google “tuna can clothespin craft”,
there are lots of ideas for uses and decorations for this craft.
I think it would be a GREAT homemade Mother’s Day gift.

And there you have it, folks!  A craft that even I can handle.  


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