Back! And Random as Always!

YAY, my computer is fixed, just in time for 10 Things of Thankful!

 1. I am thankful that the computer is fixed, of course, duh!

2. I’m thankful for Spring.  I love seeing my plants and flowers coming back that I planted last year!


3. I am thankful for my son, Tim. He is now 21 (21!!!!!!) years old but he still makes time for his family.  Almost anytime we have a family gathering, he’s there.  This past Thursday, Byron’s son Tyler had a special event at school.  He plays baseball and it was Senior Night, a time to honor the team’s senior players.  So Byron and the girls and I went, and Tim came, as well as Shelbie’s boyfriend Dusty.  My MIL was there too, so we were quite a little crowd.  It was fun and I love just sitting and talking with Tim; he’s a funny, smart, sarcastic guy and I enjoy him.

4. I am thankful for an awesome mother-in-law.  She and I have gotten very close lately and I really love and appreciate her.

5. I can’t even begin to count the ways in which I am thankful for my husband.  He can’t stand to see me sick, hurt, or upset at all, and he will do anything to help/fix it/protect me.  He still tells me he loves me dozens of times every day.
I love that man of mine.

6. I am thankful that my husband is a hunter.  We still have meat in the freezer from hunting season, but not much and we’re completely out of ground venison.  As I’m having to buy more meat, I’m realizing just HOW grateful I am to have a hunter hubby!  Now I just want some chickens and a deer-proof garden….

7. I am thankful for the ability to lie in bed on a rainy day and watch TV with my hubby.

8. I am thankful for Easter candy.  Because YUM.

9. Oh-oh-oh– I am thankful for MORE thrifting deals which I will be sharing with you soon!

10. Last but certainly not least, I am thankful for Easter, all that it means, and all that comes with it.

And it just wouldn’t be Easter if I didn’t share my two favorite Easter graphics~~~~




Ten Things of Thankful

16 thoughts on “Back! And Random as Always!

  1. HAHAH to that poor chocolate bunny’s butt hurting and his little friend not being able to hear him. Awesome! My mom’s husband is a hunter as well and sends us meat each year. My favorite is antelope – yummm like the best steak you’ve ever had. Happy Easter!


  2. The chocolate bunny meme is one of my favorites, too. Always makes me giggle! Looking forward to hearing about your thrift store finds.


  3. You are lucky to have a such a wonderful hubby and a Mum-in-law who you get on with.

    Easter candy is also another good thing to be thankful for, although at this moment I am regretting those ‘few’ mini eggs that I enjoyed with my cup of tea after dinner. I am starting to look too egg shaped for my liking. I am rather thankful that Easter only happens once a year though!

    I do like your two Easter graphics, they did made me smile and want to sink my teeth into both the bunnies and the bottoms!


    • Yes I am very lucky! I saw a 50% off Easter candy sale today….I couldn’t pass it up! I tried, but not too hard. =) I laughed about your egg-shaped comment! haha!

      On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 11:57 AM, Back in the Bush wrote:



  4. Whoot Computer!! Mine is being a giant ass bucket so I feel ya.
    Hubs are the best aren’t they doing all of them manly things that we are too pretty to do. Actually, we can do them but if they are willing…have at it.
    I just told my mother in law about my blog. I felt that it was time. Can’t wait to get earfuls about blogging. Sigh…but I love her.
    Glad to see you back…xoxo


    • My last MIL was slightly evil, which makes me appreciate this one! Hope she doesn’t give you a hard time about the blog.

      On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 7:41 PM, Back in the Bush wrote:



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