Thankful for Thrifting, 2nd Edition

We scored- again!

1. This time the outfit was for Elayna.  Under three dollars total for the shirt and pants, and the sandals were bought on another thrifting trip for $1. 

2. I am THANKFUL  that she loves thrifting as much as I do!


It’s ADORABLE on her.



3. I’ve never seen one of these before. It’s like a half-saucer. It’s called a half moon plate. I’ve found some on Ebay from $5- $25. Mine was .25 cent.


4. Plates for my crafting. I’m wanting to make one with fall colors and designs for my sister.


5. I especially like the leaf-shaped bowl.

6. I am THANKFUL for crafts that even I can do.
Here’s a link to the Pinterest pin for the chip/fruit/veggies and dip tower thingy.  

7. These are decorative plates. They even came with hangers to display them on the wall.  However, they were very dirty, and as you can see, the cleaning process took the paint off of the bottom one very badly, and the top right one as well, but not as badly.  I am not giving up though, at least on the top right one….I’m going to try to touch it up a bit myself.  They’re too pretty to just toss out!  And I can’t waste ALL THAT MONEY – they cost a quarter each!


I may even end up displaying them outside in my Spot.

8. I get all of Bo’s “babies” from the thrift store. They never last long no matter how much we pay for them, so I’ll take spending a quarter on them, thank you very much. I thought it was funny that I found this bone-shaped baby toy made by Infantino!


Bo LOVES his babies.
To death.

Elayna found a ‘baby’ for herself this time; she fell in love with this enormous-headed-Winnie the Pooh!


It is quite adorable!

9. Along with thrifting, I also enjoy bargain hunting.  I very rarely pay full price for clothing.  I wanted a cute, light-weight  jacket; I only had very casual, camo or sporty jackets and hoodies, and then sweaters.  I needed  something that would look good with jeans and cute shirts.  I found this jacket that was marked $40.00 and it was on a 75% off rack.  It was the only one they had left. AND it rang up $7.49 after taxes!  So I got a brand-new, $40 jacket for $7.49.  That is what I call a BARGAIN!


The Front


The Back


The Model
Thrifter & Bargain Hunter!

10. Totally off topic: I am thankful for Daylight Savings Time!  I’m a night person, so an extra hour of sunshine in the evening is perfect for me.  I don’t know why, but I strongly dislike going to work when it’s dark out.  I don’t like driving at night much anyway, but there’s something about driving to work in the dark that I really dislike.  Not only that – when you work overnight, the daylight savings change means one less hour of work on the night of the change!  WOOT WOOT!

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17 thoughts on “Thankful for Thrifting, 2nd Edition

  1. You are the QUEEN of thrift shopping! Good finds, good finds! Love the picture of Bo and his newest baby. He looks like he could go through babies at a pretty quick rate. And I love daylight savings time, too! Love that extra sunlight in the evening in the spring and summer, but I’m ready to give it up in the late fall and winter to make my nest cozier.


  2. That really is a gorgeous jacket – you did so WELL!

    And wow! You’re amazing at finding these bargains. I’d never have the stick-with-it-ability to make a go of it. And we’d never find things for as little as youse do – charity shop stuff is still a few quid to buy.

    YES! to being a ‘night person’. I LOVE the summer. I want it back.


  3. Thankful that I have a friend who’s crafty so she can send me pretty things. LOL 😉

    Love Elayna’s outfit!

    Oh and Daylight savings time 😛 😛 I miss that missing hour of sleep for about 2 weeks. LOL


  4. I’m ready for the days to be a little longer myself. I’m not a night person either and the minute it gets dark I’m scrambling to shut down for the night! I just hope I remember to change the clocks tonight
    Let me tell you what! I thought I was a bargain hunter but you have just stolen the crown. Awesome finds and that jacket is great!


  5. I just love finding cool things in thrift shops – your plates are really terrific!
    Daylight Savings time…I do love the extra sunshine at night, but hate that it will be dark in the morning for a while until the days stretch longer. And losing that hour…ugh! But this year I’m pretty happy that it is a sure sign of spring arriving.
    Have a great week!


  6. I’m glad you reminded me that there are people who like Daylight Savings Time! I went to bed WAAY too late last night for having to wake up early this morning. Grumble. Grumble.


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