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One perk of working in health care is the fact that we get to wear scrubs.  I really can’t imagine working in anything more comfortable!  There are also some SUPER cute scrub designs out there.

However, the hospital at which I work has recently started requiring us to wear uniforms.   Bummer.  

We wear scrubs of different colors, depending on our job and department.  Nurse techs in my department wear khaki.  Booooring!

Khaki is not my color.  (is khaki anyone’s color??)  The tops and pants are the exact same shade.  Basically, I’m  just a blur of head-to-toe khaki scurrying around, blending in with the walls and floors.  So stylish!

Soooo what this boils down to is the need to accessorize!  At a hospital, it’s not usually wise to wear a lot of big, dangly jewelry.  However, we are required to wear our badges at all times.  So, what better way to jazz up that boring khaki than an adorable badge holder?

Ribbet collage2

Enter Reel Fabulous!
I had seen Reel Fabulous badge holders before on Facebook,
and they are so cute.  She sells customized ID badge holders via an Ebay store.  I purchased my first ID badge holder once our uniform color was decided.  When my badge holder arrived, it was even cuter in person than it looked on the website!

I chose an owl design, which will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me.  I love owls, and she has several different owl designs to choose from.  My new badge holder is adorable.  It’s blinged-out, with little jewels all around it as well as hanging from the clip, and another one on the part that actually attaches to the badge.

See? Adorable!

This is mine; I had a hard time getting a good pic because of the glare.


I love it!

The badge pulls out from the badge holder on a retractable line or “reel”, which works well for me, as we use our badges to clock in and out, and we also have a separate badge (which hangs behind my ID badge) that we use to get into any locked doors.  Many of the rooms at the hospital are not accessible to the public, so I am constantly pulling my badge out to unlock doors, and my reel is holding up great.  These badge reels are perfect for anyone in the health care field, and anyone else who wears an ID badge.  In our county, teachers wear ID badges.  A badge reel would make a PERFECT teacher gift!  Reel Fabulous also makes keychains, lanyard sets, stethoscope holders….just check out the site to see all of the different things she has available.  Most of the items she offers can be customized with a name and/or job title or degree (Nurse Tech, RN, LPN, etc.).  Also, she offers FREE shipping for many of her items!

Ribbet collage

I liked my badge holder so much that I contacted the  seller.  First of all, I decided I wanted another badge holder.  That way I can switch around.  I think I’m going to get this one because I think it’s simply adorable:

OHHHH but then I saw this one, how cute is this???

It’s SO hard to pick,
because she has so many great designs.

ANYWAY!  The second reason I contacted her was because I wanted a badge to give away to one of my lovely blog readers!
That’s right friends, it’s a giveaway!  One lucky winner will receive a badge holder with your choice of design!

And the entries are simple:

1. “Like” the Reel Fabulous Facebook page.
2. Visit the Reel Fabulous Ebay Store, and tell me which badge holder you will choose if YOU are the lucky winner!

And that’s it!  I will randomly choose a winner THIS Friday, March 7th, 2014.  Please be sure that you leave a valid email address so that I can contact you if you are the lucky winner!

*DISCLOSURE* I will receive one free badge holder as compensation for this post.   All opinions are 100% genuine!

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24 thoughts on “Badge Bling – Giveaway! – Medical Mondays

  1. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays. Sorry about the Khaki scrubs, that is unfortunate – but the blingy badge holders are amazing. So many talented people in the world.


  2. The badge bling is so cute!! I would absolutely have to come up with some way to jazz up khaki scrubs. (I also agree that wearing scrubs is the best ever; I hate wearing nice clothes haha.)


  3. I used to work for a dentist office and wore scrubs every time-total pajamas to work moment. Now I am “jealous” of my physician husband solely for that privilege ha. Hi from medical mondays 🙂


  4. I would like this one.

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