Sundays in my City ~ Perfection

The weather was wonderful this weekend.  If I could choose, the weather would be like that every single weekend, forever.  It was sunny, high temps in the 70’s, and gorgeous blue cloudless skies.  Sigh.  Perfection!

So, for obvious reasons, we spent much of the weekend outside.
Elayna had a friend over and Saturday we took her on a 4-wheeler tour of our neck of the woods.


She’s the queen of the duck face!


This sign is at the end of a driveway near us. It makes us laugh!


We took Elayna’s rabbit, Cocoa,
on a walk outside on her leash.
(Elayna’s rockin’ her rainboots.)

On Sunday, after church and lunch with my Mother-in-Law, we played in the woods some more.  We rode the four wheeler, and Elayna and I went for a walk back in the woods.


We visited the one of the creeks that runs through the woods.


It’s flooded in parts because we’ve had SO MUCH RAIN.

Next to our home is a former homesite.
The house that was there burned down many years ago.
Elayna and I explored the remnants that were left behind.


These are the steps that I believe led to the porch. There are two concrete planters, one on each side of the steps.


Some kitchen items that were left behind and have rusted over the years.


A leaf on a plate, floating in rainwater.


A very rusty knife.

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4 thoughts on “Sundays in my City ~ Perfection

  1. Your property is so so pretty!

    We had an absolutely gorgeous Saturday but today has been very cold and rainy with a chance of ice pellets and sleet tonight


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