Thankful for Thrifting

I am thankful for thrifting, for so many reasons.  So today’s 10 things of thankful is all about the things that make me Thankful for Thrifting! (that’s a lot of Th’s!!)

Mostly because #1. it’s FUN.
#2. It’s also cheap.
#3. I find things that I’d never find otherwise.
#4. Also, buying jeans for prices like $1.50, 3.00, and 5.oo makes me feel justified in buying a pair of Miss Me Jeans which I have coveted for so long!  As long as almost all of my wardrobe is SUPER cheap, I don’t feel guilty about splurging on these awesome jeans.

On Thursday’s visit to our favorite thrift shop, I bought:

#5.  Two pair of denim capri pants.  One for me, one for Shelbie.


These are mine. Lee capri jeans, new with tags, came with the belt. Size 6. $3.00

#6.  One pair of jeans.


Guess, size 5/6. $1.50

#7.  One navy blue shirt.


Express, size small. $1.00

#8. We also got a t-shirt, a pair of yoga pants, and a pair of cargo shorts for hubby.
The grand total for everything was $11.40.

#9. I also got crafty with some thrift store finds.  I love to buy pretty plates and bowls.  Sometimes you can find sets, but sometimes I find just ONE beautiful piece and I just have to have it, even though I don’t have anything to do with it.  I can only hang so many plates on the wall.
But I saw this idea on Facebook, and thought it was the perfect way to use my mismatched dishes.



It can be used for veggies and dip, mints and nuts, chips and dip, fruit and dip, WHATEVER. You can make it with fancy plates or not-fancy plates. This is the first one I’ve made, but I plan on making many more as gifts.

I found several of these glass dishes with the letter “B” etched on them.  Our last name is Bush.

So I got several of them, not sure what exactly I’ll use them for.


And last but not least…#10!
The kick-butt Miss Me Jeans that I definitely did NOT find at a thrift store (oh, I wish!!).


I freaking love these jeans!

**ETA: Entire outfit below is from a thrift store, boots included.
Cost: Under $5.00!!**
FIVE BUCKS for an outfit that would have been right around $200 brand new, y’all.
(I don’t know what brand the boots are, the name was on the inside sole and has rubbed off.)
I heart thrifting!!
Ten Things of Thankful

24 thoughts on “Thankful for Thrifting

  1. Thrifting is a blast! I love doing it and usually always walk out with something I love, shaking my head that someone would give it away and I just practically stole it. As for the Miss Me jeans…..definitely not thrifty but pretty much worth every penny if you can swing it. Those jeans are hot! You look great in them too!


  2. Wow those jeans sure are blingy! Awesome.

    I don’t like clothes shopping in general, but I do like that it’s possible to find quality for MUCH less than you’d normally expect to pay.


  3. I lose all track of time in thrift stores! They are my favorite place to shop with TJMaxx a close second! I love the pursuit of a bargain…I get an adrenalin rush when I find that one “perfect” item! I need me some capris for this summer. When can I make time to stop at Goodwill?


    • YES! You ‘get’ me! LOL It’s just so much fun. I just edited that post with a pic of a full outfit from a thrift store that I got for less than five bucks. I like TJ Maxx too.

      On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 5:21 PM, Back in the Bush wrote:



  4. Very impressive! I, too, just went thrifting and came home with two belts and a beige linen-ish pencil skirt for $3.25. Oh, and I just made a similar little dish-thingy, though it is only two plates high. I use it to hold jewelry and hang earrings around the top plate. We seem to be thinking along the same lines. Or just pinning the same pins?


    • Great deal today! I actually found the plate idea on Facebook. I like the idea of using it for jewelry….my little mind is spinning now with possibilities!

      On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 9:47 PM, Back in the Bush wrote:



  5. SO awesome! I love me a good deal.
    There is a store here called Next 2 New and it is basically a glorified thrift shop. You can make an appointment to bring in your gently used clothes, they pick through them and decide what they will sell. They only take the nice stuff. Anyway, when your stuff sells then you get half of the money from the sale. I’ve done it before and it is nice to make a little money. However, what I really love to do is SHOP there. I have found some AMAZING deals. I needed a floor length gown for the Symphony concert I was in and I found a GORGEOUS peach gown (I have pictures of it on my blog from Todd and my anniversary two years ago) for $20. It still had the original tag on it and it was $160. Yahoo!!!! They also have Coach purses, shoes, costumes, jeans, sweaters, etc. I love it there. 🙂


  6. I love your #4! It’s kind of like working out so you could have a slice of cake (and by you I mean me, of course, because that’s the only reason I work out). Also, love the mismatched dishes. I am so not crafty, I’m filled with awe when I see something like that 🙂


  7. I haven’t been thrifting in way too long! Great finds and I love when I find something expensive for just a few dollars. Also, your Miss Me jeans? Perfection!
    How did you do the crafting with the plates? What kind of glue? I’m totally in awe like Katia is!!!


  8. My husband is a voracious thrift shopper! Every time we go out of town for travel volleyball tournaments (or anything else), he researches thrift stores and visits them. He found a cashmere/wool blend dress overcoat for our son, brand new, still had tags and basting stitches in the pockets and back vent, for $5. I am not as patient with it as he is. I don’t mind going to a few stores, but I get bored quickly (I’m not much of a shopper). Good for you for being so good at it! And good job justifying those Miss Me jeans!


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