Friday Fragments, all about Thursday


Half-Past Kissin' Time

~ Last night, at MIL’s house, I made chicken stuffed with spinach & pepper jack cheese.  I’ve made it before and we love it; I had been craving it lately.  This time I used the new method of preparing it that the original blogger came up with and it was great; easier and just as tasty.  I highly recommend this dish!

~ We were at MIL’s house because she and Elayna were practicing their music.  MIL will be playing the piano as Elayna’s accompanist at a solo & ensemble event on Saturday.  Elayna plays the flute in her middle school band.  MIL is also teaching Elayna to play the piano.  She started learning Amazing Grace last night.

~ I posted yesterday about the six year anniversary of my weight loss surgery.  Check it out!

~ I also did some thrifting yesterday and I’m going to be sharing about that soon.  I’m going to start posting about my thrift store finds because they are just TOOOO good not to share!

~ Can you tell I did NOTHING today, because all of my fragments are about yesterday??

~ The weather has warmed up here, but now it’s raining.  A LOT.  I’m ready for a dry spell!

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! 


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