Fragments of Looooove

Happy Valentine’s Day, Y’all!!


Pucker Up!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

~ I got my hair did this week.  It was time to cover the ole grays!  I was ready for a more ‘sunny’ color, too; I am so done with winter! (and I KNOW I have nothing to complain about, being in Florida, I promise I do.)


~ I love my new shirt in the above collage!  It’s one of my Valentine’s gifts, and seriously one of my favorite t-shirts I have ever owned!

~ My mom has been asking me when I’m going to make her some lasagna, so I had the idea to do that tonight.  We’re going to my parents’ house, I’ll cook and Mom will clean.  Probably not the typical way many couples spend Valentines Day!  But I’m looking forward to it.  Elayna will be with us; Shelbie will be going out to dinner with her boyfriend, of course.

~ I texted my son yesterday and said “Want to come over Saturday?  We’re going to go out in the woods and shoot stuff.” He’s coming.  And bringing a friend.  That’s how we entertain ourselves out here!

~ I saw this on a car yesterday and just had to get a picture – I love it!


Hope y’all have a love-filled Valentine’s Day and a wonderful weekend! 


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