Rainy Days TToT

Ten Things of Thankful
It really needs no introduction, does it?  Here I go!


I am thankful for: 

1. Hayleigh Faith! She had a fun second birthday party.  It was packed!  I took pictures with Heather’s camera (that’s Hayleigh’s mama) so I only took one pic from my cell phone, the one above.  Her cake was beautiful, and she enjoyed playing with the candles!

2. My boys – my husband and son.  I didn’t have a camera nearby and I missed a precious photo op – Hayleigh sitting on my son Tim’s lap while my husband, Byron, blew bubbles for her.  I love those sweet guys!

3. Cupcakes.  We had some Thursday night and today.  I couldn’t even finish a mini-cupcake Thursday, and had about 2 bites of my cupcake today; they were SO sweet but SO good!

4. Birthdays.  They are just so much fun, especially for the little ones.  And they’re a great excuse to get people together and eat yummy food.  Win/win!

5. 4 wheel drive.  I have probably mentioned this before but that’s ok, it deserves multiple mentions.  We literally couldn’t live where we live without 4×4, unless we wanted to have our truck in the shop weekly.  And I LOVE where we live (I just don’t enjoy the road to get there when it’s been raining alot!).

6. Publix.  I love that store.  The other night it was raining (as it has been TOO MUCH here lately) and we went to Publix.  One of the bag boys was outside blowing the carts off with a leaf blower!  Can you even imagine a Walmart employee doing that?  Around here, that simply would not happen.  Publix > Walmart.

7. Dusty. I am so thankful that my daughter is dating someone that not only have I known his entire life, but he is truly a good kid.  (he’s 18, but he’s still a kid to me.)  He spoils her and treats her with respect.  Even though he has cancer and gets money, he still recently got a job.  I am proud of him!  He’s polite.  And he isn’t a punk.  And he doesn’t have neck tattoos.  (no offense but OMG I hate neck tattoos.)  He also laughs at my (corny) jokes.  Big pluses in this Mama’s book!

8. Sunshine.  I’m being thankful in advance for that one; it’s supposed to be sunny on Sunday….let’s hope that’s true!

9. Clean Floors. Also thankful in advance.  If the sun does come out and dries things up, my floors may have a chance of being clean again.  Because a muddy yard and twelve paws are NOT a good combination.  Sigh.

10. Good friends. Especially the ones who stay up late at night and keep this night owl entertained.  😉


Have a wonderful weekend!


10 thoughts on “Rainy Days TToT

  1. Ohhhhh birthdays with little people are the MOST PRECIOUS gorgeous things ever. Or they can be as long as no-one has a tantrum!

    Good for you for having cupcakes.

    Your daughter’s boyfriend sounds like a really incredible young man. She’s lucky to have him 🙂

    I giggled a little bit at your story that the employee at Publix was ‘blowing off’ the shopping carts… :p


  2. That is a beautiful cake! Who made it?
    There is nothing cuter than great big teens and grown men playing with a little kid. Preciousness at its best.
    Here’s to sunshine for both of us!


  3. That cake is adorable. And it looks yummy and the cupcakes sounded yummy too. I’m a cake gal–through and through. Although I don’t get to eat cake as often as I like. 😦 Your #5 hit home for me this week. We don’t have a vehicle that works in the snow and I sure wish we did. I made a mistake on my last car purchase and didn’t upgrade to all wheel drive. So when the weather turns bad, the car just isn’t driveable. Believe me, that won’t happen next time we need to buy a car. And you are a mother after my own heart. I can’t stand neck tattoos either. Nice that your daughter has someone who treats her well. Every mother wants that for her daughter. Yahoo!


  4. Great things to be thankful for. I am not looking forward to the kids dating, but I have hope they will make choices like your daughter. What an amazing cake!!! Where did they get it??


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