Friday Fragments with Cute Babies – Irresistible!

Half-Past Kissin' Time
(I love the pretty new Friday Fragments button!)

~ Yesterday, my great-niece Hayleigh turned two.  (Already!  Can you believe it??)
We had a family celebration at my parents’ house.  The look on her face when we sang Happy Birthday to her was absolutely priceless; she was DELIGHTED that we were all singing to  HER.  She kept looking at everyone’s face, one by one, to see if each person was singing.  We sang to her about five times just to get that reaction again!  It was great.


~ Tomorrow is her birthday party; we are so looking forward to that.  Hayleigh is my favorite toddler!

~ This morning my niece Heather shared this picture of Alexis, Hayleigh’s baby sister.  AKA my favorite baby!


If this doesn’t make you smile,
you may not have a soul.
You might want to get that checked out.


~ I woke up SICK this morning. It was weird.  I was light-headed, dizzy, nauseated, and had a headache.  (and NO, I was not hung over; I haven’t drank at all in ages!)  Thankfully, it passed eventually and I was able to get some errands done, although I still have a slight nagging headache.

~ It’s the little things in life that thrill me: We finally got a chest freezer!  With all the venison and wild hog we have, it was something we very much needed.  We had been giving away meat and storing some in my mother-in-law’s freezer because we never had enough room!  But now, we do.  Yay!

~ If it’s any consolation to you snowed-in Northerners, our weather down here in North Central Florida has been nasty lately.  Chilly and rainy.  The sun appears to be in hiding.  It looks like it may be peeking out on Sunday; I sure hope so!

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! 



5 thoughts on “Friday Fragments with Cute Babies – Irresistible!

  1. Advice over the internet from people you never met should be read with caution. However, I just saw a report on TV about strokes and women. Your waking up “sickness” sounds just like the symptoms they mentioned. Just a FYI – hope you don’t mind.
    We had our niece’s baby here last week for a visit. She let me hold her right away. Babies are cute but I think toddlers can be more fun.
    Have a great weekend.


    • lisleman – I didn’t know those could be stroke symptoms – and I work in the stroke unit of a hospital! I feel fine now but I will definitely be alert. Thanks! And I agree, toddlers are THE BEST.


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