Just Some Random.

I have a random Wednesday off, which gives me a 5-day weekend.  YES.  PLEASE.   I more than earned it the last two nights that I did work.  Holy Exhaustion, Batman.  

I’m not going to talk about the weather.  People who downplay the seriousness of unusually cold weather and ice in the Southernmost states annoy me.  That is all.

But I am going to talk about a couple of things I got lately!  They are both handmade from small businesses, and I like giving them shout-outs.

I won this pea pod pendant from Misty’s Mystical Jewelry.  I have always wanted one of these and I have no idea why I never just ordered one; the prices are great.  Each pearl represents one of my kids’ birthstone colors; Tim is March, Shelbie is December, and Elayna is January.  (the first two look almost alike, but the one on top is a little lighter.)


I didn’t win this next item , I ordered it, but I like it so much I wanted to share.  It’s a badge clip and I know a lot of people these days wear badges in their workplaces.  The hospital in which I work has just started requiring us to wear uniform scrubs.  I am NOT a fan.  Ours are a khaki color.  We basically will blend into the walls, which could actually be a good thing at times, but anyway….I ordered this badge clip partly because if we have to wear these blah, bland, boring scrubs, I’m going to accessorize the crap out of them!  I ordered this from Reelfabulous and it came out so freaking CUTE and blinged-out!  I love it, too.


Alright, folks, I’m going back to watching horrible reality TV on TLC.
Happy HUMP DAY!!! 


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