Ten Things of Thankful ~ My 1st of 2014

Ten Things of Thankful


It’s a new year and a new list of 10 Things of Thankful!

1. Like most of the country, we had some extremely cold temperatures last week.  I was in bed and the heat was blasting so hard, I actually had to remove some of my covers.  This made me think of all the people who were cold that night, for whatever reason (homeless, no power, no heating oil, etc).  It reminded me to be thankful for what I have: heat, blankets, warm clothes, etc….

2. I’m thankful that I live in Florida and don’t have to deal with seriously cold weather.  I am CRANKY when I am cold!

3. I am thankful for Blistex.  This weather makes me SO dry and my poor lips were terribly chapped.  Blistex to the rescue!

4. I’m thankful that it’s already warmed up, and the temps should be in the 80’s this weekend.

5. I am thankful that I was able to help out my best friend this week.  She’s been going through some very hard times, financial and otherwise.  She needed to find a job.  I can’t hand her money to help out, but I did help her get a job!  At my last job, doing home health care, they really liked me and I left on very good terms.  So when Danielle went in to apply and told them I sent her…she was hired on the spot!  She is so excited, and I am so happy for her!

6. I am thankful that she and I have been best friends for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS.  That blows my mind.

7. I am thankful that my BFF’s sister-in-law recently graduated from cosmetology school and is now working at a salon and gave me a pretty awesome haircut!  It’s nice to have a stylist that you trust, and a bonus that you can talk the whole time without having to resort to ‘small talk’.


It’s not dramatically different,
I just got about 3 inches of unhealthy ends cut off.

8. I am thankful for a very rewarding week at work, which I plan to blog about more this coming week.

9. I am thankful that my picky-eater husband LOVED the fifteen-bean soup I made this past week.  I am on a soup kick lately and I love making homemade soup.


10.   Speaking of food – I’m thankful for a delicious dinner out at a seafood restaurant last night with my MIL and husband.  I had the grilled shrimp and fried green tomatoes.  It was super-yummy!


Keep the thankful vibe going and join in with your own 10 Things of Thankful post!  

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22 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful ~ My 1st of 2014

  1. Wow Florida must be pretty cold for you to be bundling up like that! I guess I just don’t associate Florida with cold but I’m wrong. Otherwise it sounds like a really cool week! And I totally get that hairdresser thing.


  2. I live in NY and am cranky when it is too cold, too. Seriously the single digits we had this past week made me just want to cry, but did do my far share of complaining about it to be honest. And I love your new haircut. My cousin is a beautician and I am also lucky that I don’t have to try to make small talk with someone who is a virtual stranger when I get my hair done. Looks like a great week was had and enjoy the weekend now 🙂


  3. Oh my goodness! That is so wonderful you were able to help your friend get that job! Amazing! You and I both hate the cold! We live in very Southwest Arizona so our weather is similar to yours except without all of that humidity you guys get. Your hair cut looks fabulous!


  4. Awesome list! I’m in Texas and am often annoyed when the weather can’t pick a season and stick to it. That being said, after a long cold spell I’m hugely grateful for the warm sun!

    I LOVE MAKING SOUP!!! Seriously. I even have a ladle collection! I pick them up mostly at antique shops. Stews and soups are my favorite!

    Good, long-time friends and a stunning hair cut….THE BEST.


  5. Wow, I LOVE that you have a BFF who’s been yours for 25 years! There was me being all so happy because I’ve had mine for 10! I hope we make it to 25. There’ll be a big celebration for that. And how awesome that you were able to get her a job. Like they say – it’s not what you know; it’s WHO you know.

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one whose mind wanders into being thankful for those very, very basics – heat, food, shelter – when bad weather hits. I do tend to then over-do it and slide sideways into guilt.

    Fifteen-bean soup sounds incredible. I’m not sure I even knew that fifteen beans EXISTED! Glad you had such a gorgeous meal to go with your lovely new haircut 🙂


  6. Damnit. Now you have me thinking whether (off the top of my head) I know fifteen beans. And because it’s your fault I’m gonna write out ALL THE BEANS I KNOW right here. And count ’em.

    Haricot, French, Runner, Borlotti, Broad, Butter, Black-eyed, Black, Kidney.

    Um. Baked beans.

    Shit. That’s not close to fifteen. HOW ARE THERE FIFTEEN BEANS?


  7. I live in Florida too and I was freezing! I watched the weather in the rest of the country and was grateful to be right where I am. I was out earlier to day with my daughter and the sun was shining, 80 degrees….beautiful. THIS is why I live here!
    What an awesome friend you are! Being able to help someone out like that is wonderful.
    Nothing beats a good haircut and let me just say, I don’t know where in Florida you live, but I’d love to come over for the bean soup and cornbread 🙂
    All of your list was terrific but especially the part about being grateful for the basics. I am too.


  8. I think I’m going to have to join you in 2014 in doing the Ten Things of Thankful posts. 2013 seriously kicked my ass, and I’m praying this year is better. I think putting it all in black and white will help me see all the blessings in my life.

    I consider one of them to be that I have you as an “efriend.” The Blogosphere is an amazing place, and I’ve “met” some amazing people. And,YES, I consider them/you my friends. =)



  9. It was cold, and I was ‘feeling your cold’ until you mentioned Florida! (lol just kidding, everyone was cold last week and it is all about how much less the temperature was from what it should be…glad (and jealous) of the soon-to-be 80 degree weather.


  10. Mmmm, I love soup, too, especially in the cold weather we are having in the mid-Atlantic. Actually, it’s much warmer now but rainy, rainy, rainy. Good soup weather. I do not have 25-year best friend, but I do have a 25-year-old sweatshirt. Made it on my list this week!


  11. That is so wonderful that you were able to help your friend find a job! It is so hard to watch friends struggle with unemployment; it must have felt so good to be instrumental in helping one find a job.


  12. I’ve always wanted to try fried green tomatoes. They sound yummy and a perfect pairing with shrimp. Your soup looks delish!

    Glad you were able to help out a friend and that relationship has been growing for so long. I love the new haircut.


  13. While I read about your “extremely cold temperatures” I had to keep reminding myself it’s all relative. It’s not your fault I live in Indiana where 30 degrees is far from extremely cold. I will even not be mad that you have 80 degree temps today. 🙂
    Good lessons for all of us in this post. One, always leave a job on good terms if possible. You never know when you will need that connection again. And two, know people who have left their jobs on good terms. How wonderful that you were able to help her get the job!


  14. I love awesome yummy soups. I’m glad your husband enjoyed yours and um. It was 1 degree here last week so yeah, ok. Moving on 😉
    My husband LOVES fried green tomatoes but I’ve still never tried one! One of these days. I’ve been best friends with my BFF since 1986. Yay to BFFs!


  15. 80 degrees in January? WAHHHHHH!!!
    Your hair looks lovely. I seriously need to cut about 6 inches off of mine.
    I love soup! My kids will eat pretty much any kind of soup. But I’m with Lizzi and Christine – 15 beans? Can’t think of that many. Ooo, fava beans (with a nice Chianti). There’s one.
    I am a fan of grilled shrimp. Fried green tomatoes – meh.


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