First Friday Fragments of 20Fourteen…..

….because I love alliteration!



~ I worked on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  Out of the three end-of-year holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day), we were asked to volunteer to work for at least one.   I volunteered for the New Year’s holiday but thought I may end up having to work one of the other two holidays, considering I’ve only been there for just over a year.  But I was fortunate to be off for both!  So I gladly worked the New Year’s holiday; I generally don’t do anything special for New Years, and the extra holiday pay will be quite nice!


~ So, this is how I partied at work.  Candy and Diet Dr Pepper.  I am hard core!  
And those Butterfinger Cups up there?  Have you tried them?  You need to.  

~ I got up a little early before work on New Year’s Day to make our good luck dinner: salmon patties, spinach, and black eyed peas.  The salmon is not necessarily for good luck, although I did read that some people consider fish good luck.  But the greens are supposed to bring money and black eyed peas are a traditional Southern good luck meal for New Year.  And I’ll take any good luck I can get!

~ There’s an abandoned home down the road from us.  The people who own the land are friends of ours, and Byron hunts on that land sometimes and feeds the animals that the former tenants left behind.  Today, when we went to feed the animals, we found this:


Apparently this beer was last distributed in 1986.
Anyone want to pop a top??

~ It’s going to be CHILLY here this weekend.   I’m looking forward to sitting by a bonfire and cuddling inside under several blankets!

Y’all have a good weekend, and STAY WARM!  
And as always, visit Mrs 4444 for more Friday Fragment posts.

Half-Past Kissin' Time


12 thoughts on “First Friday Fragments of 20Fourteen…..

  1. It is going to be extremely cold here this weekend and a bonfire would not cut it. It is a stay in the house with lots of hot chocolate and the afghan wrapped around us.


  2. Yes! A cold spell is definitely coming. On Monday we are supposed to have a HIGH of -12. Yikes!!!! I wonder what the low will be.
    Stay warm!
    And Happy New Year!


  3. Good heavens! When you switched your blog (how long ago was that?) I must never have put in your new URL. I thought you weren’t posting anymore, since it didn’t show up in my reader. How much I’ve missed!
    Butterfinger cup?? Butterfinger is my favorite candy, so this sounds interesting indeed!
    Not as interesting as that alligator beer, though! Did you ask your friends about it? Was it there’s?
    I’m glad you got two holidays off. If you had to work, you got the best one!
    Happy New Year!


  4. Your alliterative title makes this teacher proud! I like your choices, except I’m not crazy about Rasinettes. I discovered the snack size bags of chocolate covered blueberries and pomegranates at BJ’s and have a box in my file cabinet at work. YUM!

    Didn’t work up to fragging this week, but want to get back to it!

    Chilly here too. We are just far enough south the miss all the precip that got dumped up north. If it’s going to be THIS cold, I want snow!


  5. No I haven’t tried the Butterfinger cups but I definitely will!
    Stay warm, I know my dad was telling me about the chilly weather coming your way.


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