Never Grow Up

I can’t sleep (my circadian rhythm is broken), so I’m sitting here being all nostalgic.  A certain commercial with a certain song keeps playing on TV and I’m about to throw the remote control at the screen.
Seriously, I actually YouTubed the song and OMG.  It’s so sweet.  You can thank/slap me later.


(not sure if it’s going to work, if not click here – Never Grow Up – Taylor Swift)

We had a lovely Christmas Eve at my Mother-in-Law’s house with my parents and all four of our kids present.
Tomorrow after a big huge breakfast and gifts at home, we’ll go to my parents’ house and my niece and her family will be there.

Right now, all three of my kids are here at home, under one roof.  At their ages, I have no idea how many more Christmases I will be able to say that.  So, I’m trying to soak it in.  That alone makes it a Merry Christmas for me, and I wish the same for you (or a Happy Whatever-Holiday-You-Observe).



3 thoughts on “Never Grow Up

  1. Oh that song slays me. I think Taylor Swift would get a lot more recognition for her songwriting if she were a little older. I don’t think she gets the respect she deserves. Very talented writer. Beautiful song.

    Yes. Cherish these times. I am trying to do the same. It goes too quickly.

    I hope your Christmas was everything you wanted it to be. 🙂


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