Meatballs Roasting on an Open Fire….or something.

I had pretty much the perfect day today.
Now, prepare to laugh at what a simple girl I am, that the following constitutes my perfect day:

1. Slept in (of course).
2. Rode the 4-wheeler.
3. Did a little stocking-stuffer shopping.
4. Rode the 4-wheeler a little more.
5. Made spaghetti with ground venison meatballs for dinner.
6. Baked cookies.  A lot of cookies.
7. Enjoyed a lovely fire in my fire pit.
8. Watched a movie with my love.
9. Now Elayna and I are painting each others’ nails. (including toenails.  Those who know me well will understand – that is a BIG DEAL.)

Yep – that’s it, y’all.  A perfect day in this girl’s life!  Of course, the fine company of the girls and the hubby contributed to the perfect-ness.

It was my first time making meatballs with the ground venison; the only thing I’d made before with it was chili.  Hubby told me that they usually tend to be bland, but mine were ‘perfect’.  I seasoned them well and maybe even went a littttle heavy on the red pepper flakes.  But they were delicious!  I love cooking with meat that has never been shot up with chemicals or fed weird food or eaten pesticide-covered food.  They also lived a peaceful, natural life until it was humanely ended for my dinner. I don’t remember the last time we’ve bought meat for the house; we use venison and wild hog almost exclusively at home.


Deer Balls.


I love living out in the woods on dirt roads so that we can ride around on the four-wheeler and not disturb anyone.

We made peanut butter cookies with Hugs AND Kisses.  After we put the candy on top, we popped them back in the oven for a minute to melt the chocolate, and the Hugs melted way faster, FYI, in case you decide to try them.  They look a little like striped nipples.  I’m just saying.
But they taste very good!


PB with hugs & kisses


Hubby’s favorite – melt-in-your-mouth Snickerdoodles!

While sitting by the fire pit, I blasted Christmas songs from the truck radio.   Wearing a t-shirt.  It was 70 degrees out.


Elayna is currently painting my toenails purple, and we are watching Chopped.  She’s also making me laugh till I cry.

Life is good!  

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Unknown Mami


9 thoughts on “Meatballs Roasting on an Open Fire….or something.

  1. Well you have been busy and it sounds like a fun day! I still have some baking to do and some fresh sweet bread has to wait until Tuesday. I will be wrapping presents today. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


  2. I never used deer for meatballs. Why not? However, a Thanksgiving tradition in our familly is deer backstrap wrapped in with jalapeno and bacon, then grilled. This year, we added wild pig to the menu as well. Enjoy!


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