Let It Frag, Let It Frag, Let It Frag…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

So, I haven’t blogged all week.  But, I have a pretty good excuse.
Something happened this week.

My daughter turned 18.

Let me repeat that in case y’all missed the first time.

It pretty much freaked me out.

We celebrated at home on Saturday night.  I posted about that here, but here’s a bonus pic:


Hayleigh charmed my stepson, Tyler, who rarely smiles for pictures on purpose.


On Thursday night, we celebrated three birthdays at once: Shelbie’s, which was that day, my sister’s, which is December 22nd, and my Mom’s, which is Christmas Day.  We went out to eat at a BBQ place.  It was yummy and fun.


It’s very surreal when your children hit these major milestone ages, especially the ones that make them legally an adult.
I am very blessed to have really good kids.  When I gave birth to her eighteen years ago, I couldn’t even fathom eighteen years later, but if I had, I don’t think I could have even imagined a kid like her.  She has exceeded anything I could have hoped for.


OK, enough of that.  Now for a little trip down memory lane:


Shelbie, 4 yrs old.


This is Shelbie and her best friend AshLee. I think they were 4 or 5 here. They are both 18 now.


Shelbie apparently invented the duckface about 16 years ago.


Shelbie and Tim. (he’s 20 now)

For those of you with younger kids, it’s SO very true: the days are long but the years fly by.  I feel like I blinked and my kids grew up.
As of next month, I will be the mother of two adults and one teenager (Elayna will turn 13 next month).  It’s mind-boggling.
After I realized that, I started wondering just how many more Christmases I will have with ALL of my children present.
And then I got all weepy and forced myself to stop.  But I will certainly be trying to enjoy every minute of Christmas.


I have a friend, who is a deer hugger  apparently.  She’s always whining on my Facebook posts when Byron kills a deer or I cook venison, and I give her a hard time (all in good fun).  Today, she sent this to me:


I replied: 
I’m pretty sure pedophiles don’t taste as good wrapped in bacon and grilled. And I’m not fixing to find out!!

Her response:
Rofl. Cyndy:  1 Kel:  0. Lol

I don’t get political here on this blog, Facebook, or anywhere on Social Media.  EVERYONE is talking about the Duck Dynasty/GQ/A&E stuff.  My only comment is this: The world is INCREDIBLY full of hypocrites.  It makes me sick.  I know several in real life and now am realizing that it’s incredibly common all over the USA.  RAMPANT, even.  It’s repulsive.  That is all.






Elayna and I curled up in my bed to watch Modern Family.  Now, she is snoring beside me.  These aren’t like the days when I could just pick her up and move her to her bed; soon I will have to wake up a snoozing pre-teen and send her outta here.  But….not yet.


Hope y’all have a great weekend!
I will try my best to get back here before Christmas.  😉


11 thoughts on “Let It Frag, Let It Frag, Let It Frag…

  1. My girl likes to crawl into bed and snore beside me as well. She’s 9 and I can’t carry her anymore either! As of this spring, both of mine will be double digits. It’s hard to fathom. I already have to deal with not have everyone present at Christmas, as every other year mine are with their father. That said, last year was the first year my parents, sister and I were not all together. My sister was 8 months pregnant and had to stay here while I flew north with the kids to stay with my parents while they were with their dad. I think it was harder for my sister than my mom!


    • Since we live in the same county, I always see the kids on Christmas Day. This year I have them until Christmas Day at 2pm. Next year we’ll do the opposite, he’ll have them until Christmas Day at 2pm. So while they don’t always wake up at home on Christmas Morning, I still have them on Christmas. For now…. =) My brother lives about 6 hours away so he’s usually not here for Christmas, but all the rest of us are. Merry Christmas! :o)


  2. Love the pictures of Shelbie…..it goes by so fast!
    Sounds like a fun family dinner celebrating all the birthday’s!
    Many wishes go out to each of them…………..


  3. What adorable pictures. Those birthdays tear me up. My granddaughter turned eighteen in September and dear Lord I swear I can close my eyes and her Mother was just a baby. I am trying to embrace the long days.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  4. Here’s my 2 cents (or maybe a nickle 😉 )… I have friends who are Gay. They weren’t offended by what Phil said. I, personally, can’t stand Duck Dynasty. I find the beards repulsive and the show totally boring. Sorry. Shoot me. I just never did get into it.

    All that being said – They asked a 67 year old Redneck a question. He answered it. What did they expect to hear? He has the right to state his opinion. Everyone else has the right to agree with it or not. He didn’t put a gun to anyone’s head and say – If you don’t agree with me you’re dead. So, everyone can get over it. A&E is shooting themselves in the head on this one. That man is a college graduate with a multi- MILLION dollar business and 6 kids who are also all college graduates. He’s not dumb. He has a cult like following and some other station will happily pick up his show. A&E has nothing else worth watching. Mentally ill people who don’t know what a trash can is? I mean – that’s about the best they can do after DD. So, who does anyone think will win this little pissing match? LOL

    Love the pictures! My baby turned 18 this year. My oldest turned 28. Do you know what that makes me? OLD! LOL


  5. I imagine I will be a mess when any of my kids turn 18. All those milestones really hit me. I love all the pictures. How sweet!!!
    I hope you and your family have a very blessed Christmas!


  6. The kids do grow up so fast it can make your head spin. My youngest turns 21 next month and I still can’t figure out where all the years went. Those photos are wonderful! The one of your daughter and her friend is so cute.
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas filled with love, laughter and priceless memories!


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