Swans in My City…..

On Saturday, while riding in town, the girls noticed a sign that said “Duck Pond Neighborhood” and asked, “Where’s the duck pond??”
The duck pond has been in Gainesville for many years, and my family used to visit every year on Christmas Eve and we would feed the ducks.  But in recent years, there haven’t been many ducks there, and I realized that the girls had never been there.  So we rode over and saw a few geese, and this beautiful black swan.


On Saturday night, Dusty and Shelbie went out on a date.
They went to Shelbie’s favorite restaurant for dinner, and then to the mall.
I love how happy she looks.  They are so cute.


It was just about a year ago that Dusty was diagnosed with cancer. What a year it’s been…..

While they were out, Elayna and I curled up in bed and watched TV.  And apparently, Elayna took selfies, as I discovered when looking at my phone pics later!



On Sunday, we went to AshLee’s 18th birthday party.  AshLee is Shelbie’s best friend, and the daughter of MY best friend, Danielle.
I think it’s really neat that AshLee and Shelbie are best friends.  They played together as little kids, and of course Danielle and I hoped they would be close friends, but that’s something you can’t force.  But it worked out perfectly; they love each other.  Our sons, who are also very close in age, are good friends as well.


I absolutely can’t believe these girls are 18 years old (Shelbie will be 18 later this month).  It’s mind-blowing!


Of course they don’t necessarily ACT their age all the time.  =)



I hope you enjoyed your weekend!
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6 thoughts on “Swans in My City…..

  1. Love the swan picture 🙂 Before Katrina we had white swans. Then, afterwards, a bunch of different birds came to the local park (which is pretty big), birds like Mexican Song Birds and Black Swans… there were two… and they were mates, because not long after, they had babies. So sweet! The swans are pretty cool too, very nice, will eat out of your hands. But the geese – watch out – they are HUGE and MEAN!!

    Love the family pictures 🙂 My husband’s niece does that with his iPhone too – bunch of funny pictures of herself. He threatened to post all of the pictures on Facebook and she stopped doing that. Lol.


  2. That black swan is AWESOME! I feel like an idiot, but I didn’t even know there were black swans. WOW! Gorgeous!!!!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend! Thanks for sharing the pics!


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