We Survived – Friday Fragments

We survived this week!

~ My little dog, Mackenzie, survived a snake bite.  You would never even know it happened now;  the swelling went down and she’s acting 100% normal.  She’s a tough little cookie!


Her snout, cheek and neck were swollen.


Poor baby.

~ I survived a four-wheeler ride through the woods with my hubby driving.  (Just kidding, he’s a really good driver.)

~ I survived an injury at work, and all of the paperwork and crap that goes along with that.  Not.fun.at.all.

~ I survived being awake – and busy- for over 38 hours, with only a one-hour nap in the middle of it all.

And now, I’m about to put myself to bed so that I can survive the weekend!  Hope y’all had a good week.


Half-Past Kissin' Time

7 thoughts on “We Survived – Friday Fragments

  1. OMGoodness the poor dog and yikes you must have been so scared.
    I hope your work injury is on the mend and I agree its all so ridiculous with the crazy paperwork.
    I hop you get caught up on your sleep over the weekend..


  2. Oh my goodness! That poor puppy. 😦 And poor you! An injury at work? Bummer! And no sleep for 38 hours???? Good gawd that sounds like a nightmare. I hope you have been able to get a nice long sleep and a relaxing rest of the weekend. 🙂


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