Not Your Ordinary Monday


Ways in which my Monday night was different than yours:

1. Your dinner probably came from the grocery store…..
I cooked cubed venison steak for dinner.  My dinner came from the woods.

2. Your dog probably played with normal dog toys from Petsmart…..
My dog decided to play with a snake – and got bitten.
Byron was walking the dogs outside (IN THE DARK! $#^%*).  He heard Mackenzie yelp and run away.  He brought her inside and her face swelled immediately.  But we watched her carefully and that’s all that happened; it was obviously very sore and she wouldn’t eat or drink for a couple of hours, but now, other than it being sore and swollen, she’s fine.  She’s a lucky dog.

3. You probably watched TV or played on the computer…..
I helped butcher a hog.  Hubby went hunting and got a nice sized hog.  He came home and we got on the four-wheeler and raced back into the woods to pick up the hog.  Then we brought him home and cut him up.  In this process, I’m mostly like a surgeon’s assistant; I hand over instruments and rinse things and fetch things.  I do hold the animal in place for him to cut and slice.
(in case you’re curious – hog hunting is legal where we are, almost anytime and anywhere, as long as you have the landowner’s permission)

4. Right about the time that you were probably brushing your teeth and taking off your makeup….
I was riding in the truck beside hubby, back to the far corner of our property to throw out the hog scraps.  Every time we do this, we look for the remains of the last one he killed and we can almost never find even a trace of it.  Aliens?  Nah, just coyotes, buzzards, etc….

5. As you were drifting off to sleep……
We were running to the convenience store for bags of ice for the hog meat.  I also got a coffee while we were there – why not?

Some of it (like skinning stinky old hogs) is not what most would consider a pleasant activity.  I’m not a fan of my dogs getting snakebitten.  But there are so many benefits to this life, and you have to take the bad along with the good.
I have embraced it all, and Byron kept telling me tonight how much he appreciates my help.  He said “Most wives would say, Ew, I’m not helping you with that gross stuff, but you get right out there and do whatever you need to do.  And I appreciate it so much.”
And that’s why I do it.

That, and because venison is really, really tasty.


6 thoughts on “Not Your Ordinary Monday

  1. Thatta girl! I love it! 🙂
    There is nothing like a properly grilled venison steak. Yum!
    And wild hog! Wow!

    The snake part doesn’t sound so great. That would freak me right out.


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