Ten Things of Thankful – Home, Family, Food, etc.


In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful,
but gratefulness that makes us happy.

~Brother David Steindl-Rast

I love it when I have the time and energy to do a Thankful post!  I’m doing the 30 Days of Thankful thing on Facebook, so I’m borrowing some of those updates for this post.  Aren’t I clever?  (side note: I don’t understand why some people find the 30 Days of Thankful posts so annoying.  Of all the truly offensive things people post, why get upset over something positive and uplifting?  Sheesh.)

Jumping right in –

1. I am thankful that my husband and my parents get along.  Byron is very thoughtful and cares about them, and respects them.  Last weekend Byron pressure washed my parents’ porch roof and some other stuff on their house (not sure exactly what, I was inside eating!).  Then this past week he told me he’d like to have my parents over this weekend to watch the Gator game and eat some venison.  My parents LOVE venison, especially my dad.  So today my parents will be coming over, and Byron’s Mom is coming too.  I’m cooking a whole BUNCH of good food.  I’m looking forward to it!

2.  I’m very thankful that both my husband AND my father quit smoking this year!  Byron quit in January, and my Dad quit around April/May I believe? Anyway…..proud of and grateful for these two men of mine!


Cotton Candy face!

3. I’m thankful that I went to the UF Homecoming Parade yesterday with my niece and her little family (her husband and two baby girls).  It’s always fun to experience something like a parade with a small child; it brings the magic back!


I almost caught a smile! She finds me funny looking

4.  I am thankful for my home sweet home, out in the woods.

5. I am thankful for books.  I love to read.  Love is an understatement.  I am obsessed with reading.


Just a small portion of the books I have. I would LOVE to have a Library Room. Maybe one day….

6. And to stretch this into two Things….I am thankful for my Kindle app on my iPhone.  I have probably already used that one, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again.  What a treasure!

7. Oh My Gosh, I am thankful for the wonderful cinnamon brooms that are sold around this time every year.  I got one today and my house smells AMAZING!


Everyone LOVED Lexi’s hat.

8. I’m thankful for my job.   I appreciate the flexibility in scheduling, the co-workers who make the job fun, and the patients who are so appreciate of hard work and good care.

9. I am thankful for the internet, where you can find, and purchase, the most awesomely obscure items that, pre-internet, you’d have had to scour the earth to find!  Like a book you read 20 years ago and wanted to read again, or a phone case that you saw in a movie and thought was cool.  (amazon is awesome! totally not a sponsored shout-out!)


One of the cutest floats in the parade. Minions!

10. I am thankful that my Mama is making Chocolate Delight, one of my favorite desserts of ALL TIME,  and bringing it over today.  I’m drooling already.

How about you?  Link up or just come read!

Ten Things of Thankful

15 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – Home, Family, Food, etc.

  1. Sounds like you have a gorgeous weekend of sumptuous family-centric Goodness to enjoy. I hope it’s perfect for you 😀 What a lovely thing to be looking forward to.

    I LOVE your bookshelf! It’s so neat and well organised! I’d love a reading room, too!

    And, uh, not to sound dumb here but…what’s a cinnamon broom? Is it as literal as it sounds?


    • I thought cinnamon brooms were everywhere! It’s a straw broom that’s very strongly scented with cinnamon. They smell amazing!
      Yeah, I’m a little OCD about my books, you noticed?! LOL


  2. love cinnamon brooms! What is chocolate delight? Sounds delightful ( yeesh, sorry couldn’t resist! but really what is it?) I often thought of a book room but now realize it wont be for me so I give my books away unless it is one I TRULY want to keep or pass on to someone special… and surprisingly it is just as satisfying…more so even! Whodda thought?! Those baby faces are the best and I love the name Byron! I hope it causes no offense but I used to have a teddy named that!


  3. totally agree with not only loving reading but the pleasure of bookcases! I have given in (lol) and gotten a Kindle and it does present a certain level of convenience… but the smell is not there! (Sorry, it’s been a while for me, but I used to enjoy hours in used book stores and a major part of that was the touch and smell of books.)
    I suppose they’ll have an app for that eventually, probably call it something like, ‘Musty, but it’s ok to take home’ scent.


  4. I love reading and have bookshelves all over the house. I’ve been working my way thru my favorite series yet once again.

    I’m thankful that your life has changed so much for the better in the last year. It is so nice to see you so happy.


  5. I love books! I have one wall in my home that has built in shelves and I love it. I have a Kindle and the app on my phone and I do read on it but I still love the feel of a book in my hands.
    It sounds like you have a wonderful family and a terrific weekend in store. We eat a lot of venison in our house as well. My husband hunts and it sure helps on the grocery bill when you don’t have to buy a lot of meat.
    I love your post and thank you for the reminder that I need to go out for a cinnamon broom!
    Go Gators!


  6. Your husband really must be a very sweet guy. I am thankful that my parents have not only accepted my husband but welcomed him into the family as their son (after threatening to disown me if I married him). Cinnamon brooms?? Oh my sweet goodness, I want one!!! This is the first time I’ve ever heard about that, and already think it’s probably one of the coolest things ever!


  7. So where’s the recipe for Chocolate Delight? You can’t mention something like that and not make everyone else want some, too!

    Your nieces are so cute! Also love the minions on the float.

    I have a Nook, but I have a hard time reading on it, because it just isn’t the same. I’m trying, though. Nothing beats the feel of a real book in your hand.

    I haven’t had a cinnamon broom in YEARS. Need to find one….


  8. Mmmm,mmmm,mmmm chocolate delight is a favorite in my family. My grandma used to make it quite often, but has passed the recipe to me. She makes it every once in a while. Crossing my fingers she makes it for Thanksgiving. (We travel 7 hours to get to Thanksgiving, so I can’t make it and take it.)
    Yay to quitting smoking! It is not an easy thing to do. My parents and grandma gave it up years ago, but my mom still says she has cravings for it sometimes.
    The internet sure makes finding stuff easy. I’m a huge fan of the Kindle, too. (Notice Lizzi didn’t mention it. She’s a Kindle-hater.)


  9. I’ve never had a cinnamon broom of my own but they are very popular around here too. You have to special order them! :O

    My husband loves his e-book. Me…I’m old and prefer the actual books. Mainly because I usually need to flip back a gazillion times and find that hard on an e-book. Oish.


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