Friday Fragments – Country Livin’

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It’s been a pretty good week Back in the Bush.

On Tuesday,  we had our driveway graded.  This is kind of a big deal.  It was extremely bumpy and in one area, when we were having heavy rain, it became a big squishy bowl of oatmeal, basically.  Now it’s smooth and dry and fantastic.  We also had our lawn tractor repaired (major repairs) JUST before the warranty expired.  Woot!  


When I came home from work Tuesday morning, the man we hired to grade the driveway was just getting started.  Hubby (jokingly) said to me, “I don’t want you to even see this guy, go in the house.” I thought maybe he was some scary-looking dude so I was like “What are you talking about?!”  He finally explained that our bulldozer guy was a “muscle bound pretty boy”.  And I concur. Bow chicka wow wow!  I mean, I had to sneak a peek after all that!  I’m pretty sure our driveway is going to need to be graded again. Pretty SOON.  


The dirt road that leads to our house was also graded this week, making the approximately four mile drive to the highway SO much nicer, and you don’t have to creep along so slowly.  It’s the little things, peeps!


On Thursday, after picking the girls up from school, we went to a Farmer’s Market.  We got kettle corn, zucchini and yellow squash, a hair bow, and a pear tree.  I’m not even joking.  Quite the combination of items, right?! At least there wasn’t a partridge in the pear tree.

I love that Farmer’s Market and it was hubby’s first time going.  He loved it too, in fact he’s the one who did all the buying.  He got the kettle corn for Shelbie, and the hair bow for himself.  KIDDING!  It was for Elayna.  


Afterwards, we went to our butcher and picked up the venison we had dropped off last weekend.  We now have a couple different kinds of deer sausage, venison burger, cubed deer steak, backstrap, and ummm I think that’s it.  We also dropped off another deer to be processed.  AND he gave us a sample of some Venison Snack Sticks (Slim Jims).  I expected them to be good but OMG, it was seriously one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.  The girls loved it too.  We ordered some of those to be made from the deer we dropped off today.  Can’t wait!


The top pic is one of the packages of deer burger. I love the way it’s packaged!
This is only about half of the meat; the rest we’re storing in MIL’s freezer for now.

Tonight, Byron got the family 4-wheeler (ATV) running.  We’re going to have a blast on that thing.
And now, he is out hog hunting.  Good times!


Life is quite different for me than it was before I met Byron.  And I love it!  In fact, I love it so much, it inspired a song.  I made a remix of Taylor Swift’s song, Red, which begins “Loving you is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street”.  My version: “Loving you is like driving a four wheel drive truck down a muddy dirt road”.  WAY more fun.  Watch out, Taylor, here I come!



I snapped this picture outside of the butcher’s shop. It’s a cooler, which was open and the Dr Pepper label is on the lid. I am insanely addicted to Diet Dr Pepper, so I just had to get a quick photo.


Tomorrow is the University of Florida’s Homecoming Parade.  This is also kind of a big deal around here.  I’m going to go with my niece and her baby girls.
I should probably bundle up.


OK, my friends.  I have only slept about 3 hours in the past 30 hours,
and I’m getting kinda loopy.
It’s time for some shut-eye!
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18 thoughts on “Friday Fragments – Country Livin’

  1. I know I tend to be nit-picky but isn’t it “graded” not “grated”. You grate cheese and maybe potatoes.
    Bow chicka wow wow – last time I heard that was on an Axe commercial.
    venison – oh that is good tasty meat. My brother hunts and has shared his prize.


  2. We say bow chicka wow wow here on a pretty regular basis : ) I love that expression. We had our driveway redone last year, and I understand your enthusiasm for a smooth road. Enjoy your weekend. We are big Vol fans here, but my hubs had someone working for him for a while who was at one time the Fla mascot. He’s got some good stories!


  3. So you driveway is stone, right? I bet you love the improvement and way to go on getting that repair under the warranty! Have fun at the parade.


  4. What’s with the lack of sleep? I personally think that one cannot overrate the value of a properly-graded driveway. I LOVE venison jerky, but it’s all good (if you know the right cook, which of course you do)!


    • I always operate on very little sleep on Thursday. I work the night before, sleep for a few hours, then stay up until that night because that’s the day I transition from night shift sleep times to day shift sleep times, until I go back to work on Monday.
      Today I cooked cubed venison steak for the first time. It was great!


  5. The stables where my daughter rides have to have the drive regraded a few times a year. It’s always so nice!
    I’m operating on little sleep as well. Concert Wednedsay, out with Yoga girls last night and football banquet tonight. All good things, but mama is DRAGGING!


    • I feel ya, and here I am still up and it’s 2:30 am. Our parents are coming over tomorrow and I decided I’d just pick up the house a little bit tonight, which somehow turned into one of these scrub-every-corner clean jobs. I’m like the Mouse in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie; the more I cleaned, the more I saw that looked dirty and I couldn’t seem to stop!


  6. Glad for the new driveway and the cute boy who provided it! And I’m pretty sure you will have a new holiday song centering on the farmer’s market and the pear tree. Happy FF and get some sleep!


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