Trick or Treat – Friday Fragging


How was everyone’s Halloween?
We had a GREAT time.  We went to my parents’ house and met up with my niece and her family.  We all ate dinner with my parents.  (Byron stayed home and went hunting.)  Then we all went to my mother-in-law’s house, then to a neighborhood next to hers for Trick-or-Treating.


Elayna dressed up as an Insane Asylum Escapee.  Apparently, this is politically incorrect.  Ah, well.  Isn’t everything?
She got the idea from a YouTube video.  The gown and shoes were from thrift stores, the chain was from an old swingset, and she ‘dirtied up’ the dress herself from the YouTube instructions, as well as did her own hair and makeup.  She is really good at that kind of stuff!


She looked awesome.

Shelbie was a Minion from Despicable Me, and I think, quite adorable.


This girl LOVES Minions.

Her costume was also from thrift stores, except the goggles and of course, the yellow face paint.

Alexis was, briefly, a ladybug.  It was too hot for her to wear it for long, though.  She mostly slept through the whole Trick or Treat thing, anyway.


Posing for Halloween photos.


Alexis makes insects adorable!

And Hayleigh was the sweetest bumblebee ever!  She had SO much fun.  She had been practicing saying “Trick or Treat!” all month, but she wasn’t too keen on saying it in front of the strangers who opened the doors.  But she was just fine with taking candy.  Her little legs must have walked thousands of steps last night but she was a trooper.  The whole concept of knocking on doors and getting candy was brand new to her; last year she was only 8 months old at Halloween.  She thoroughly enjoyed it all, and we had a blast watching her have fun.  I love the way little ones bring the magic and wonder back into holidays.

HayleighHalloween HayleighHalloween2 HayleighHalloween3 HayleighHalloween4


Oh, I almost forgot – I wore jeans, boots, a camo shirt and a camo hat.  They called me “Mini-Byron”.


Speaking of which – Byron got another buck this morning.  This one was a seven point and a nice sized deer.  More meat for the freezer!!


Did anyone else get the Facebook Giraffe Riddle wrong?  I had a giraffe profile pic for three days.  Dangit.


This was also from Facebook and excuse the language but I just loved it.  Made me SMILE.  =D


Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!!  

Half-Past Kissin' Time

5 thoughts on “Trick or Treat – Friday Fragging

  1. I love the insane asylum escapee costume! She did a great job with it. All the costumes look good. It is fun to see the wonder in little children’s faces. I never tire of it. Have a fabulous weekend!


  2. Cute costumes! I had a Psychadelic Cowgirl and a Skeleton in my house. I borrowed The Boy’s shoulder pads and put them under my Jets Jersey. My niece was a bee too! My kids were both chili peppers their first Halloweens.

    I wanted to know the answer to the fb riddle, but too many of my friends got it wrong and I didn’t want to put up the giraffe pic!


  3. I love seeing what people have dressed up as for Halloween. I’m totally diggin’ the insane asylum escapee costume. How cute is that bumblebee?!! I refuse to get sucked into the giraffe profile Facebook fad. I know I’d fail the riddle so I haven’t even read it.


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