So, it’s Tuesday.

I almost never post on Tuesdays.  Because I’m usually in the midst of working three 12 hour shifts in a row.  But lately, some weeks, I stagger my shifts and do two in a row, one day off, then one shift, then three days off, or something like that.  Because as much as I like the benefit of working three days in a row (it’s followed by four days off!), it is exhausting at times.  Three twelve-hour night shifts in a row can really kick my behind.


This is SO me!

So anyway.  That’s why I’m here, at  home, on a random Tuesday night, and soaking every bit of goodness out of it.

I worked last night, so I slept for about five hours once I got home this morning.  Then I got up and helped the hubby do some lawn and outside house work.  It’s been an extremely wet summer and our house was covered in lovely green Florida Fungi.  No longer!  It’s now spotless and looks fantastic.  And I mostly supervised and sat in a chair playing with my iPhone.  Just call me Little Miss Helpful.


Later, hubby went hunting and I watched Wife Swap.  I’m a hard worker.  However – the deal is – he kills ’em, I cook ’em, and cook ’em I did, tonight.  I made bacon wrapped tenderloin and backstrap.  Nice huge thick juicy chunks of steak, which I wrapped in several whole slices of bacon and cooked on my indoor grill.  OMG, melt in your mouth good!  And mashed taters and green beans on the side.  Perfection!


After dinner we settled on the couch to watch crappy TV.  We watched Dance Moms (shh, don’t tell hubby I told you that) and then Chasing Nashville.  THEN, I had the rare pleasure of seeing a new (I think?) reality show on Lifetime called The Governor’s Wife.  I think I’ve found my new sick, twisted, guilty pleasure.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s about an 85 year old former three-time governor of Louisiana, who served nearly ten years in federal prison for racketeering, extortion, money-laundering, etc.  He has two 60+ year old daughters and – you guessed it – a Trailer Trash Barbie looking young wife.  But one thing I must give them – they have fantastic, self-deprecating senses of humor.  They totally embrace their flaws and laugh at themselves.  And they do it all with Cajun accents.  I LOOOOVE CAJUN ACCENTS.  And TT Barbie just announced tonight that she is pregnant with the 85 year old Geriatric Ex-Con Former Govahnah’s IVF baby.  It’s a hot, Cajun mess.


So, that’s all I have to say about my relaxing day off.  I hope you had a good Tuesday.  Tomorrow….guess what day it is??  GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS!!


Hey!  I just remembered that Stacy Uncorked does Random Thoughts Tuesday and I figure this is the perfect post for that, so I’m linking up!





7 thoughts on “So, it’s Tuesday.

  1. I loved those books like Little Miss Helpful. One of my sons really liked all of them too. That cartoon is funny. I can see how that could happen! I’m glad you enjoyed your day off!


  2. That joke is cute, I can see how that would happen with the microwave beep!!! My husband is getting better and not burning meat on the grill….only took him 40 years!!!


  3. I don’t know how you do it, I would be so thrown off working a schedule like that. Your dinner sounds so good!! I have been the worst cook lately, I need to to come cook at my house!


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