Our Weekend

On Friday morning, Byron killed his third deer of the season.  It’s now Muzzleloader season, which comes before rifle season, which starts next Saturday.  I asked Byron to explain his muzzleloader to me, and when he was done I said, “So basically, it’s like a miniature cannon?” and he said “Yes, exactly.”

So, this most recent deer was shot with a muzzleloader.  After we skinned this deer and cut him up (it was a medium-sized buck), we took this entire deer as well as the “scraps” and shoulders from the last two deer (several pounds) and loaded it into the cooler.  Then, on Saturday, we took a very lovely, scenic, 45-minute drive out into the country.  We were greeted with a sign that said “Fresh Jersey Cow Milk $4.00”, and the sight of chickens, cows, and a log cabin.  The man we were visiting has a butcher shop on his property.  He is very well known in the area as a venison butcher.  When we arrived, mid-afternoon, our cooler joined at least twenty more that had been dropped off that day.  With the venison we dropped off, he will be making cubed steak, ground venison (hamburger) and smoked sausage.  I can’t wait until it’s all done and we get to enjoy this delicious meat!  And the season has barely begun…..

On Saturday night, we went to the county fair.  In the livestock section, we admired the goats and I convinced Byron once again that I NEED goats in my life.  He talked to the goat man about them, and where was the best place to get some.  I do believe there will be goats in my future.
I enjoyed a funnel cake on a STICK! That was a first for me and it was great because it’s slightly less messy than the normal way it’s served around here, on a paper plate.

Byron also won two goldfish for me, which of course meant a trip to Walmart to buy a little tank and all that fun stuff.  We named our goldfish Buckley and Bailey.

On Sunday, we went to church and enjoyed dinner on the grounds for Pastor Appreciation Day.
There is not much better than Southern Baptist Dinner on the Grounds.  The food is slap-your-grandma good!  And so much of it.  Fried chicken, chicken and yellow rice, field peas, homemade mac and cheese, twice backed potatoes, sweet tea, coconut cake……..

It was a very nice relaxing weekend.  I can’t imagine a better way to spend a weekend, just the two of us!

Hope y’all had a good one, too!



5 thoughts on “Our Weekend

  1. Oh, I love venison. Very jealous of your soon to be full freezer!! My hubby wants to get into bow hunting, but my oldest son would love to do black powder hunting. He was fascinated with the display and video on the subject at Gettysburg!


  2. HAHAH!!! You need goats. Those mo fos are angry little devils. We go to a petting zoo and they will ram your ankle for a ice cream cone full of carrots.
    My brother in law just snagged himself a deer (8 pointer…if that makes sense. I have no idea what that means but my husband rolled his eyes at me when I told him that.)


    • Goats can be sweet. They just … Have PMS sometimes. Lots of times. An Eight point is a nice size deer! Usually means four points on each antler. Points are the sticky outie things. Serious question: would you find an “insane asylum escapee” Halloween costume offensive?

      ~ Cyndy ~



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