Chilly Chili Fragments


This morning it was 55 degrees out.  THIS IS FLORIDA, PEOPLE.  I am not a fan of cold weather.  I’m a native Floridian; my blood, skin, and clothes are thin.  It’s too early to be this cold!!  It’s got me craving chili….time to get that in the crockpot!


My dishwasher is not working properly.  Can we just pause for a moment of silence about this tragedy?
Seriously, washing dishes is my LEAST favorite household chore.
I have taken my dishwasher insides apart (yep, all by myself!) and cleaned it and I’m hoping for the best.  I so hope that fixes it!


Byron, Elayna and I did some thrift store shopping today and SCORED.  He found a pair of brand-new-looking Levi’s for me for two bucks!  He could tell by looking at them that they’d fit, and sure enough they fit perfectly.  Elayna got a pair of jeans (Byron found hers, too) and two pair of shoes.  I SO love thrifting!  The girls and I are going thrift-store-shopping again tomorrow.


My friend’s wedding last weekend was BEAUTIFUL.  The location was gorgeous.  The ceremony itself was the fastest one I have ever experienced!  They just did the very basic vows and it was over!  It was like a whirlwind.  Vicki’s dress was stunning and fit her so well, both the actual fit and it just suited her perfectly.  I’m so happy for those two!


Hope y’all have a lovely fall weekend – don’t forget to visit Mrs 4444 for more Friday Frags!

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7 thoughts on “Chilly Chili Fragments

  1. It’s 53 here right now. This is TEXAS! Mother Nature is all confused this year

    Are you making your chili with deer burger? Yummy!

    You look great in the wedding picture 🙂


    • I wish I were making it with deer burger. Byron wants to kill one more deer and then take the meat to the butcher to make ground beef. So we don’t have any deer burger yet. Soon! He’s got his eye on a buck that keeps showing up on his field camera. And thanks! I am so happy for Vicki and Marc and I think it shows in that pic. =)


  2. It’s been dipping into the 30s here recently. LOVE IT!

    I made some kick-ass chili last night for dinner, if I do say so myself. One of my favorite things about fall is the comfort food that comes along with it. =)

    I just very recently starting “thrifting.” My sister introduced me to a store that I adore! (all my previous experiences with thrift stores were horrific!) A few weeks ago, they had a “sale” going on for women’s pants – buy one get one free. I got two pairs of dress pants and two pairs of jeans, ALL for $6.50! I love this place! I can’t see spending a lot of money on clothes that (hopefully!) will be too big on me soon. Then again, I’m sure I’ll still be shopping there once I hit my goal. How could I not!? FOUR pairs of pants for $6.50!!!! 😛


  3. Ummmm…55….that is hot here. I woke up to frost. Frost. But I do live in Canada. Hell, our thrift store is way more expensive than that find. I’m serious. It’s actually cheaper to buy new clothes sometimes…Although I do love that the jeans are worn into.
    She looks like a beautiful bride. What a gorgeous dress.
    Have a wonderful weekend girl xoxx


  4. Growing up in Illinois I was use to cold weather but living here in Southern California now for 25 years I know exactly what you mean about 55 degrees….burr! Glad you enjoyed the wedding, they are always fun.


  5. A nice pot of chili does sound like a very good idea. Thrift shopping is so much fun! Lovely photo, it does look like the wedding was in a very pretty spot.
    Have a great weekend.


  6. I am so glad we visited Florida last week when it was still in the high 80’s. Back home in Philadelphia it is surely shocking to my bones after
    that 80’s weather. I was born in Florida, I have that thin skin too:)
    I love the wedding photo.


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