Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time


~ The Light the Night walk was a lot of fun!  I’m very glad we did it.  We didn’t quite meet our goals but that’s ok.  We did well and had a really good time, and we’ll do better next year!  Dusty and Shelbie got t-shirts, and we got balloons that had little lights in them to carry, as well as light-up necklaces and glow necklaces.  I like that it’s a night walk.  We walked around the Florida Gator football stadium.
A little girl walking next to us had a light-up necklace, and it stopped working, so Shelbie took hers off and gave it to her.  The little girl just BEAMED.  I have such great kids, they really make me proud!



Dusty, Shelbie, Me, and Elayna

~ A sweet 90 year old patient of mine this past week kept telling me I was SO pretty.  She was extremely hard of hearing, but I am certain that her vision is STELLAR.  😉

~ My husband informed me that the (cheap) toilet paper we bought was John Wayne toilet paper.  In response to my “huh??” he informed me: “it’s rough, tough, and doesn’t take sh*t off anyone.” Alrighty then.

~ This weekend we have a wedding to attend!  My dear friend Vicki is marrying my friend Marc.  They credit me for getting them together; we all went to school together but they didn’t know each other well.  They were both MY friends on Facebook, and through the “people you may know” feature, they reconnected, and now they’re getting married! And somehow I get the blame credit.  Heh.  They’re a great couple.

~ After the wedding, we’re going to my parents’ house for a bacon-wrapped-venison cookout.  Dusty’s grandpa also gave me some fresh-caught fish (speckled perch) so we may cook some of that too.  My stomach is growling already…..

~ We have a busy day planned tomorrow and it’s past my bedtime!  Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend.  Don’t forget to visit Mrs 4444 for more Friday Fragments!



10 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. John Wayne toilet paper- that’s funny. Hope the marriage is a long and happy one, or you’ll get the blame if it’s not! Actually, that is pretty cool that you were the link that helped them find each other. The universe is a funny thing.


  2. You little matchmaker you! My parents were here this weekend and my mom got a friend request from the last guy she dated before she met my dad… he was a friend of my dad’s as well…

    My mother and I have TP issues. I’ve blogged about it. My mom has IBS and my dad is just… well, a guy… they go through a lot of TP and prefer the rough and tough kind only because there is more on the roll. They run out too fast with the soft, fluffy kind!


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