From Vegetarian to Venison Chef

Once upon a time, about five years ago, I became a vegetarian.
I lasted about a month.  It was easy at first.  By the end, I was fantasizing about jumping out of the moving car, running into a cow field, and chewing on a live cow.  When I finally gave up, I ate sausage every day for about two weeks.

Around this time, I had a co-worker who was vegan.  We had some very interesting talks.  We had another co-worker who was an avid hunter, and I gave him a hard time.  “How can you shoot poor Bambi?”, etc.  But my vegan friend really surprised me – she said that if she were going to eat meat, it would be meat that had been hunted and killed, not bought from a store.  I was totally shocked and asked her why.

She explained that it was because of how meat is raised and processed in this country.  Not only are they stuffed full of hormones, preservatives and other chemicals, but they are treated horribly.  They never have any kind of natural life; they’re born in these plants and raised in cages to be fattened and slaughtered.  She gave me two books to read about the subject.  I was shocked and sickened by much of what I read.

Animals that are raised and killed in the wild, however, lead a happy, natural life.  They eat what animals are supposed to eat and do what animals are supposed to do.  My vegan friend had no issue with hunting, as long as people eat the meat and don’t do it strictly for sport.

If people did not hunt deer and hogs in our area, we would be totally overrun.  In fact, around here  it’s open season on hogs; there are no restrictions on killing them, no season, no rules.  They are a nuisance animal, very mean and destructive, and the population needs to be reduced.
Hitting a deer on the highway cause a car to be totalled and can cause people to die.  You can thank hunters that it doesn’t happen more often.


So, its not just a lifestyle change, and it’s not hypocrisy, that has led me to go from being a former vegetarian to someone who happily helps prepare, cooks, and eats hog and venison.  If I could, I would eat only hunted meat and fish (or meat that was raised cruelty-free and organically but OMG that is expensive).   It’s healthier for your body and better for the animal.  It’s the original, natural order of life.

I still care very much about animal rights; I just educated myself about the subject.
And I’m currently making my first venison stew in the crockpot…..



8 thoughts on “From Vegetarian to Venison Chef

  1. It’s open season on hog around here too. Those things are VICIOUS! It’s funny. You talk to some people about hog and they have this image in their head of a cute little baby piggy. They don’t realize that those things stand 3 foot high, weigh several hundred pounds and have tusks. The boys killed one around here one time that was so big that 3 full grown men could lay on it side by side. They actually did and took a picture of it. They don’t use guns to hunt them here though. They use dogs to bay them and then catch them.

    The rule the kids are raised with around here is : You kill it – you eat it. The exception to this rule is coyote which kill cattle.


  2. We are hunting types as well. We just finished up the last of the caribou and are working on our fresh caught salmon. I really do believe that the hormone laden foods we fed our kids helped them with their earlier-than-normal development issues. I wish i could turn back time. I also wish we could come get in on that wild hog, I have never had that.


  3. I care about animals very much but I do understand the population problem. I just don’t want to hear about it or eat them. I am not a vegetarian but my daughter is and she became one several years ago when she heard someone say “would you eat your dog” so she stopped when she thought about it that way.


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  5. Hi Cyndy! Thanks SO much for stopping by to say hello on my blog yesterday and for the anniversary wishes. 🙂 I just wanted to post and tell you that I grew UP on Wild Hog (or Boar whatevs) and Deer, duck, rabbit, squirrel and frog legs. It is definitely better and healthier for you to eat out of the Wild as opposed to store bought meat any day. However, since I no longer live with my dad (who did all of the hunting) and my husband doesn’t hunt, I never have the luxury of Deer meat or any other wild game any longer. I have started buying most of my meat (when I can afford it, that is) from HEB – the Grass Fed Beef, chicken, pork, etc. It’s so much more expensive so I only get it on occasion. Lately though, I’ve been trying to eat much healthier and have just been juicing and eating fruits and veggies. I know it won’t last forever, but I’m trying to literally “reboot” my body, if you will. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and your beautiful family has a Happy Halloween tomorrow night. 🙂 Please let me know if you stop by again. I have become your latest follower. You’re my kind of girl that I can relate to – I am a true blue Arkansan who just happens to live in Houston now. 🙂


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