Scarecrow Row – Sundays in my City

The charming little town that I used to live in does Scarecrow Row on Main Street every Fall.

Businesses create a scarecrow (or just a Fall/Halloween themed display) and around Halloween, winners are chosen.

Then they do Trick or Treat on Main Street, which is also a lot of fun.
While there last week, Elayna and I strolled down Main Street and enjoyed the Fall Decorations.

Here are some of this year’s scarecrow displays:


Construction-worker theme


This one is Wizard of Oz themed!


Needs no explanation….


Our second favorite….Monsters Inc!


and our hands down FAVORITE!!! The Minions!


This is, obviously, not a scarecrow display but it was SO cute I had to take a picture and share it.

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Unknown Mami


7 thoughts on “Scarecrow Row – Sundays in my City

  1. These are just too cute, I love autumn celebrations! The Purple People Eater caught my attention and certainly dates me as I now have that silly song replaying in my head! This looks like such a fun shared outing!


  2. How fun is that! I’ve never heard of a scarecrow display-that’s really a cute idea. OK, those minions are so gosh darn cute. And I agree with you on that chair – I love it! Have a great week.


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